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OMG!! Dream Live SUBBED!!! - Welcome...

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October 12th, 2005

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08:52 am - OMG!! Dream Live SUBBED!!!
i just finished watching DL1 subbed last night (stupid b/t doesn't work. but someone was kind enough to upload it to a direct download *worships*) and it's.....for lack of a better word...XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD yeah, that about covers it. man oh man, after watching it so long un-subbed it's awesome to finally know wth they're saying/singing about lol. and i forgot how awesome original cast was after not watching tenimyu for so long, as soon as the music started and their pics showed up i literally melted. it was like this excitement started bubbling up in my stomach (not _that_ kind of excitement for those a little more gutter-minded then the rest) and i was like "omgomgomgomg TUTI!!!! KIME!!! NAGAYAN!!! FUJI!!!!! EIJI!!! ENDOU!!!! TUTI!!! KIME!!!OMGOMG!!!! MORIEIJI!!!!! KYA!!!! SOTA~!!!!ABETAKIEIJINAOYA~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!" *cough* course i had to do all that screeching quietly cuz it was 2am >.<

on another note, i have just downloaded the most awesomest awesome yaoi (hardcore) show EVERY!!!!!! omg, for every yaoi fan out there (or on my f-list) GO DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!!!!
http://yuki-buta.com/secrethaven/Videos/Sensitive Pornograph [a&co.,yf].ogm <-- copy and paste the url into ur browser cuz lj stops the link at the space between Sensitive and Pornograph even though it's suppose to be there.

and since it's an .ogm file, here's a little page (someone else wrote this) on how to use it/programs needed to play it (it's really really really simple, trust me)

if after u did everything on the page above and somehow the file still doesn't play, go http://www.free-codecs.com/K_Lite_Codec_Pack_download.htm <-- here and download the FULL codec pack (5th link down). my comp was refusing to play the Sensitive P. video (and DL1) too until i d/l that codec. at the end of the installation, it'll have this list of options u can check or uncheck and the very top one should be to install Windows Media Player Classic with the codec, CHECK THIS!!!!! WMPC plays this video best.

but i'm warning u, it's hardcore NC-17 yaoi, so don't say i scarred u for life. and although it is unfortunately CENSORED, there's not much left to the imagination as to what exactly is happening.

(if u want the actual page that the links came from it's http://yuki-buta.com/secrethaven/index.html <--here, scroll to the very last post on the updates page: May 11, 2005. i'm just posting links left and right and didn't really read anything regarding re-posting their d/l links, hope i didn't violate any rules or such, but i'm too damn tired to read >.<) So enjoy~!!!!
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Date:October 12th, 2005 08:06 pm (UTC)
you like sensitive pornography..........
personally i find it...........
a bit.......
too much...

I don't know, maybe coz i actually prefer some type of good plot (how can I say that being a tenipu fan XD)

where darou?~?~!!!!!!
because I watch it so many times subbed in CN and i can only read like, 70%...............(and I want to watch it with mint chan beside me forcing her to translate....) so it'll be nice to understand
*squeals quietly inside since at school* XD damn restrictions~!
[User Picture]
Date:October 12th, 2005 08:59 pm (UTC)
if u want DL1 through direct d/l go to http://www.livejournal.com/community/tenimyu/351466.html <--here, there's a direct link to tokyo-nights in the post but when i clicked it it didn't work, so just type it into ur url manually (www.tokyo-nights.com) then u gotta register (free), and look for the Anime, Manga, and Game download section. if u have any problems d/ling or watching the videos, check the comments under the post cuz i think we mostly covered the main problems one might have getting the files. If u prefer b/t, the link is http://www.livejournal.com/community/tenimyu/349951.html <--here. OMG it is sooooo awesome subbed!! =*-*=

as for sensitive pornograph, omg i LOVED IT!!! =*-*= i mean i love a good plot as much as the next fangirl, but omg!! *drools* the animation was soooooooooo kawai~ in there, i want them to come out with more eps!! T_T it'd be nice if they can maybe write out a plot, but hey, i was never one to turn down a good PWP fanfic, and if they're gonna start making PWP shows, then i'm definitely for it~!! <3<3<3 (yes i'm ecchi, there, i've said it, sue me :P XD)
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Date:October 13th, 2005 02:39 pm (UTC)
Just seen the DL1 subbed now...
Half the things they said.. I had no idea it was -this- cracky XDDD

Yuusuke's eyebraws are love P:
Date:March 27th, 2012 06:57 pm (UTC)

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