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Bento fun - Welcome...

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June 8th, 2010

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11:54 pm - Bento fun
 Ugh, I think being in Japan's getting to me (though probably in a good way).

Today I actually went out to the 100Yen store (kind of like our Dollar Stores back home, except so much better with so much more stuff) and got myself a bento box and a pair of those cute chopsticks they sell here.  Then I headed to the grocery store, got some lettuce, cucumbers some rice balls (already made) and little sausages.  This from the girl who loathes to cook and has only cooked like...3 times since she arrived in Japan and that was only because friends came to my place to hang out.  

Granted compared to that bento in the picture on the right my bento looks quite dismal since currently it only consists of some raw lettuce, cucumbers, 4 tiny little sausages that were pathetically mangled after I tried to make them into those little octopus thingies, and a squished rice ball (because I can't be bothered to cook rice and the rice ball took up too much room in the tiny box so I squished it in order to make more room).  Trying to shove enough food into one of these little boxes to make a full meal is freaking hard work >__<  Compared to my normal servings I need like...4 of these boxes to make a meal...but then again I guess it's a good way to cut down the amount of food I eat?  I'm going to need to do some serious studying in order to figure out how the people here coordinate these things, it's more like making art instead of a meal  OTL

Here's the result from my half hour stint in the kitchen (the bento came with the little carrying case);

I think I need some more colours in there, maybe some reds and an egg or something to add some yellow.  I plan to head back to the 100Yen store tomorrow for some egg shapers (they make your hardboiled eggs into cute shapes like hearts and stars and stuff) and then grab some apples from the grocery store to make some bunny shaped apples (you know where you peel the skin halfway so they look like ears).  Also I need some seaweed to cut out eyes and stuff for my octopus which I'll try again tomorrow and hopefully turn out more successful than this time  OTL

I don't know what it is but recently I've been on a real house-work stint.  I bought furniture, I cleaned my room, hell today I even bought tablecloth and coasters for my table...COASTERS!  I NEVER use coasters O___o;;  

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