koneko_desu (koneko_desu) wrote,

Maid Cafe

Got bored and couldn't sleep, so I decided to doodle instead.  Last weekend me and the other foreign teacher at my school went to a Maid Cafe.  I was decked out in a little top hat kind of like the one in my doodle and he looked like the stereotypical Westerner with blond hair and blue eyes...I think...maybe they're green?  Hrm.  Anyway, the moment we stepped inside everyone just kind of stopped and turned to stare, I'm guessing from seeing a foreigner in a Maid Cafe (since apparently I looked Japanese) accompanied by some chick dressed from head to toe in black with a weird little hat perched a-top her head.  The poor girl that was our waitress...er...maid didn't speak a word of English and was so flustered whenever she came near us.  It took us a good ten minutes or so before we finally managed to communicate our order.

All-in-all I had fun though, totally going back again later.  They were selling these cute necklaces and accessories and I want to go have a look.  The moment I stepped in even though I couldn't speak a word of Japanese it kind of felt like when I stepped into Animate the first time, this sense of bubbling excitement.  Speaking of Animate, I went back there today and bought myself two Hakuouki charms, one's Hijikata Toshizo and the other's Saito Hajime.  They have 3 sets of these little charms and I want to get the ones for Hijikata, Saito and Okita, but I'm trying to ration myself, so the plan is to buy a few every few days so as not to spend too much $$ all at once.  I have like, this obsession with the Shinsengumi I think.

Anyway, coming up in a day is Golden Week where we get a week of vacation.  No major plans on my part, just hanging out with some of the students and teachers, going to eat some Peking duck :D~~  *Bounces around in anticipation of getting to dress up*
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