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April 27th, 2010

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09:48 pm - Hetalia fanfiction, more thought-provoking than a political essay...
 Writing fanfiction for Hetalia is like writing an political history essay with an artist's licence to make things up XD  (If you know which piece of fanfic I'm talking about this post'll make a whole lot more sense.)

Initially the fanfic started with ancient history (well, ancient as in a couple centuries back), so it wasn't that bad.  People usually don't get too riled up over ancient history added to my disclaimer that my knowledge of that era is quite limited made it more-or-less ok, but now as I'm approaching contemporary history my mind keeps battling over how to portray certain characters and events.  I mean, it's pretty impossible not to touch on certain people in history when talking about countries, but how directly do I want them involved in the story?  Especially considering the two main characters are Russia and China, and god knows how controversy-ridden their modern history has been.  I've done some research online, I've heard the stories from my parents' side, which usually coincides with my Chinese friends' side, I've heard the stories from classmates in university, I've read the stuff in the media, but it's not like either side is really right or wrong.  Granted I'll be sticking up a huge disclaimer that what's going to be portrayed in the fanfic is going to be biased as hell based on my opinions, but I don't want to start a flamewar or something.

I mean, for China's contemp. history, of course there's the Opium Wars, the 8-nation alliance invasion (that one side says was an invasion and another says was a mission to help China quell rebels...which, ironically, would not have rebelled if those 8 nations hadn't been there in the first place -___-), the burning of the palaces, the World Wars, the civil war, the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, the Tiananmen Square incident, followed more recently by the riot in Tibet, etc., etc., throw in there a handful of people that tried to literally reshape the nation from the ground up and are still controversial as hell to even mention their names and it writes out like a soap opera.

On Russia's side I know quite a bit less but there's Stalin and the Bloody Monday (Monday right?  Yay Hetalia for being educational XD) incident, and then the fall of the Soviet Union, the fights with Japan, the on-again-off-again relationship with China, the Cold War flirt with America...

It feels like I'm preparing for a mission to tip-toe across a land mine where a single misstep is going to end up with an explosion that blows me into the stratosphere XD   

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