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Animate adventure, part2~!! - Welcome...

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March 25th, 2010

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10:21 pm - Animate adventure, part2~!!
 I went back to the Animate today, couldn't resist  OTL  This time I went armed with my cellphone camera and snapped a few photos.  I wanted to go and get the Hetalia China single CD today, there were a ton of them yesterday, but to my surprise it was all sold out today!  TAT  To make up for it I bought some other Hetalia things that I had my eye on yesterday (sorry for crappy pics, cellphone camera.  Please click on pics for larger versions);


Couldn't take any photos in the shop, so I'll just show you my loot XD

A lovely little Hetalia calender to keep me company~  (those are China/Wang Yao, Russia/Ivan Braginski and Canada/Mathew in the three sample pictures...what's Mattie's last name again?  *shot*  Good grief I should really remember my dear Canada's name  OTL)

This was a set of 3 buttons, but the other two (Russia and China) I used for something else (as you'll see in the next photo), so all that's left is America/Alfred being all hero-esque by himself as the other two smexy commies ran off to do some *ahem*  XD

And here's my final little pride and joy.  The original charm just had the silver pendant (it's actually a picture of a world map) and the Hetalia logo charm on it, but I added the Russia and China buttons to it.  Isn't it adorable?  *Flails around the room* ROCHUUU~  I want to add it to my cellphone or keychain but I'm afraid it's going to get dirty *whines*

There was also this gorgeous Pulip doll of Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji as a tutor, I literally squeaked out loud when I saw it;

But the little dear is about 9500Yen (~$95), it's cheaper than the original price of 13500Yen, but still quite expensive.  I contemplated for a long time whether to get it or not (my co-workers thought I was insane just for even considering) but then I remembered that apparently the Pulip dolls are all female bodied, even though it's dressed as a man, because of the Pulip mold, and I really didn't want a female Sebby-chan.  I think I'll just save up for a BJD in the future, granted those things cost an arm and a leg too.

As for those doujinshis, thank you so much to my f-list for telling me that Mandarake has doujins!!!!  HOMG!  I totally didn't know!  There's one in Fukuoka near Tenjin, about 5-10 minutes walking distance  from where I was trained last December, if I had know they sold dj's I'd've buried myself in there in my free time TAT  No worries, Fukuoka's only 2hrs by bus away, next time I go I'm going to go check it out for sure!! THANK YOU SO MUCH MY DARLINGS~  (I'd ask my students for help on this but given the kind of dj's I'm looking for I uh...think they might...erm...yeah XD  Some of the covers on those dj's are pretty graphic, I saw some of Kuroshitsuji in Animate today and holy hell, just the covers needed a R18+++ rating XD) 

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Date:March 25th, 2010 01:40 pm (UTC)
Apparently if you step inside Mandarake, you never want to come out~ *________* If the physical shop is anything like the webshop [and I bet it's like 1000000000x better], then you're going to have to get someone to FORCE you out |Db *spends a lot of time online staring at the Mandarake website* *cough*

[User Picture]
Date:March 25th, 2010 01:42 pm (UTC)
Woots! Exciting stuffs ^^

Re the BJD. Are you sure you want to add another wallet-sinking hobby on your list? =P
After all, hobbies are srs bsns. 8Dv

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