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Finally, an update...with PHOTOS! - Welcome...

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January 4th, 2010

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09:33 pm - Finally, an update...with PHOTOS!
Hi everyone!

How's it going? It's been almost a month now since I've arrived in Japan and so far the experience has been amazing. There’s a few oddities about the customs here, but for the most part Japan is proving itself to be a great country to live in. Everything’s crazy convenient, convenience shops all over the place (and that’s where you pay all your bills too, at the local 7/11’s XD) not to mention the great shopping centres. Good lord the fashions over here are adorable, I’ve already spent more than I should have on clothes and stuff, but it’s so hard to resist.

Last week I had a week off as part of their winter holidays, Tiffani, the girl I trained with in Fukuoka city, came down to Nagasaki and we did some shopping and sight seeing. The photos below are from Glover Garden, it’s this lovely garden where a guy named Thomas Glover used to live. We also went to the Chinatown here in Nagasaki, a quick 15 minute walk from my apartment, and the Confucian temple (which, after just skimming the wikipedia article, is actually on Chinese territory, the land rights controlled by the Chinese embassy in Tokyo O__O, so technically I guess I took a 30minute trip to China when I visited the temple?). Since Nagasaki's a city right beside the waterway it used to be (and I think still is) a major port for Japan, so historically a lot of people from different countries all converged here. The Chinese population's pretty big from what I hear, and in February there's a Lantern Festival to celebrate Chinese New Year's here :D

They have the most delicious bread here in their grocery stores, and they carry these ready-to-eat bento boxes with sushi, tempura, onigiri, and other things that caters to people like me who loath to turn on the stove and break out the pots and pans. At night all the ready-to-eat food goes on sale so after work usually I just run to the grocery store, grab a box and there’s my dinner :D~~ I’m trying to watch what I eat though, which is hard when there’s so much food I want to try, but I also want to be able to fit into the cute clothes here.

The job hasn’t been too bad given that I’ve only been teaching for like…a little over a week. The students themselves are awesome, trying to remember everything we're suppose to do outside of teaching is a bit harder but so far so good :D  My co-workers are great, there’s 1 other foreign teacher besides myself, he’s Canadian too so we have a lot in common when we start reminiscing about home XD My students are awesome, they were all great during my welcoming party and I had an awesome time getting to talk to them in a more informal environment.  They’re really sweet and I have to give them all credit for choosing to come study English in their free time when they could be just out doing something else more…entertaining shall we say XD

I’m sorry I haven’t been very good at updating and posting photos regularly, or replying to all of your comments, I’m lazy like that :X For those that have been leaving comments, I do read all of them though. Sometimes I tell myself I’ll reply later and then never get around to it -__-

Anyway, hope all’s well with everyone. For those that had exams in December I hope it all went well (boy do I not miss those days XDD) and also I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year’s too =^O^=

P.S. The weather here is heavenly, people were stunned when a few snowflakes fluttered by on New Year's Eve because it so rarely snows here. I love Canada and all but those winters are something else X__X Nagasaki's definitely got one up on Ottawa when it comes to winter weather XD


1) Inside Glover Garden, you can see a bit of the skyline of Nagasaki on the right side there. See what I mean by weather? This was on December 29th and I'm wearing a skirt with tights :D

2) Er...hehe XD This was just me goofing around, inside one of the buildings of Glover Garden was this little bar counter so yeah...photo op even though I don't drink XD

3) Inside Glover Garden there’s a place inside where you can dress up in historical dresses and things, so with some egging on by Tiffani I consented to dress up like a blue cream puff, lol.

4) Close-up, god I loved that hat, I want that hat *-*

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[User Picture]
Date:January 4th, 2010 06:18 pm (UTC)
That blue dress is so pretty! It sounds like you're having a great time. :D
[User Picture]
Date:January 5th, 2010 11:08 am (UTC)
I like the dress. *_*

Where abouts was this place?

Ah the konbis, I loved them. Totally useful unlike the ones back home. ;;

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