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People really are, for lack of a better word, stupid - Welcome...

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October 1st, 2005

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11:35 pm - People really are, for lack of a better word, stupid
I don't understand how anyone can hate anything so much. Tonight i accidentally stumbled across 2 websites regarding deviantart, one is just plain anti-DA and the other is for users who's been banned from DA to get some help as to why and maybe smooth out any misunderstandings with the Admin on DA (although a few were just bitching about obvious reasons as to why they got banned).

Now that first site, the anti-DA site, I mean, ppl, get a freaking life, you don't like DA, find another host for you artwork. I don't know if this is with everyone or just me, but whenever I see an anti-anything or feel myself hating something, it's always this really unsettling feeling that I'd really prefer not to feel.

Some things are regrettably unavoidable like my hatred towards the lack of brains of the American Gov.'t, or my hatred for the innocent lives being lost everyday around the world, but if i had the option of choosing to hate or to forget or even to turn a blind eye, i'd definitely choose the latter 2. So what drives someone to set up anti accounts against a simple website amongst billions of others, or as i've seen in the past anti websites against certain anime shows, and i'm sure anti websites for just about every single little tiny thing out there, is beyond my comprehension. it takes time and money to set up websites, why waste it on a hate site rather than on something u like and can feel good about instead of this......sick feeling i'm feeling right now due to that anti-DA site?

I mean, yes i hate Bush, but given a choice between a site about how sucky and crappy and retarded Bush is and a site about Shounen Ai/Yaoi, i'd definitely choose the latter because it makes me feel enthusiastic and...happy. Do i really want to check up on my site everyday and read comment after comment about how much ppl agree with me that this human being put in charge of the most powerful nation is a retard? No of course not! A day can get crappy easily enough without needing that there to further crap out the day. *sigh*
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Date:October 5th, 2005 05:41 am (UTC)
I hate deviant art, actually. There are several reasons, but mainly because it's so insanely slow, and because sometimes you can't see pictures without having an account. X_x I haven't made a website about it, though.

Mmmm personally though, I've read tons of yaoi sites before, but not nearly enough Anti-Bush sites. I can see why people make them-- because maybe if enough people see the sites, word will get into Bush's head how horrible of a human being he really is (let alone how horrible of a president).

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