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Counting down the days - Welcome...

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November 13th, 2009

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10:24 am - Counting down the days

I think it's finally beginning to sink in that I'm going to Japan....

I mean I've been going through the motions, sending in the applications, getting my VISA, etc., etc. but I think somewhere in the back of my mind it just hasn't sunk in that I'm going jetting off to a completely different country, on my own, for an entire year most likely. Then a few days ago I got some mail from my school in Nagasaki including some handwritten messages from me soon-to-be co-workers. They're so adorable, lol.

Anyway, even though I'm glad I currently got a job for this month before I head to Japan I really wish this job came around earlier. Like say for September and October, that way I could have saved up some money and then for November headed home to spend time with my mom before I went jet-trotting around the world. Now I only have like...not even a week home with her ;__; And going to Japan it's not like she can come to visit for long weekends or I can go home for holidays OTL
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