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Good grief

 I have never heard anyone complain as much as anyone as my current roommate O_o

Granted none of my previous roommates have made personal phone calls in the same room as me, yelling at their husbands and complaining about friends when I'm just on the other side of a curtain sheet.  He's living in the US and goes to a wedding at the invite of a friend and she bitches that he spent too much money on a gift and should instead be saving to buy her a house...because apparently why else would she have married him?  Er...o..k?  And then when he says it's only polite to go to a wedding with a gift (they were on skype so I could hear both sides) she asks why the hell he went to the wedding in the first place then and that he should have told them he couldn't go because his wife told him he can't.  Er...huh?

Now she's on the phone with another friend (let's call her friend "B") bitching about a friend (let's say friend "A") and friend "A's" husband who had come to visit.  For the love of god if you have a friend who pisses you off so much that you could complain for hours at a time about to other friends (and a roommate you met like, a month and a half ago) maybe you should look into investing in some new friends.  She accepts hosting her friend and her friend's husband visiting and then turns around to bitch about all the trouble her friend being here has brought her, yay.
Tags: bitching, rl, roomate
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