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Notes for Rochu fanfic "Ties that Bind, Ties that Breat" - Welcome... — LiveJournal

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September 1st, 2008

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01:06 pm - Notes for Rochu fanfic "Ties that Bind, Ties that Breat"
1:   Da = Yes in Russian

2:   长廊(chang-lang) = long outdoors corridor common in the old Chinese houses of the well-off (image1, image2)

3:   I imagine Yao as living in a place that's somewhat similar to 苏州园林 (SuZhou Yuan Lin). Su Zhou is a place in southern China that is famous for the beautiful gardens (called "Yuan Lin") that many of the wealthy in the past had built as part of their homes. There's a lot of example imagery because nothing frustrates me more when reading a story than when I can't paint an image in my mind of what the author is describing and it's kind of hard to describe these places to people who have never visited. You can also google!image for "苏州园林" or "SuZhouYuanLin" to see more examples. (image1, image2, image3, image4)

4:    围棋(wei-qi) = In Japanese it's called "Go", for those that don't know what either of those are it's a board game like chess where one player is 'white' and the other is 'black'.  The goal is to surround your opponents pieces and kill them all off before they can do it to you (image1).

5:    Meimei = younger sister in Chinese, referring to Taiwan
        Hong = Hong Kong, improvised since there is no official human name for HK yet.

6:   Ge-ge = Older brother in Chinese.

7:   Wanwan = Taiwan's human name, improvised since there is no official name as of yet for her.

8:   I know China didn't historically have sofas, my excuse is that it's a gift from some foreign country maybe Francis as a suggestion for certain...activities *bricked*.

9:    Qi Lin = a mythical creature like the dragon and pheonix, the qilin looks fearsome but is in actuality a gentle creature that only punishes the wicked.  (image1, wikipedia definition)

10:  Ivan's trying to say "Xie xie" meaning "thank you" in Chinese.

11:   Ivan's trying to say "Wang xian sheng" meaning "Mr. Wang" in Chinese (or like "Wang-san" in Japanese)

12:   不客气(Bu ke qi) = You're welcome in Chinese

13:  Usually historical bathtubs in China were a large wooden bucket you poured hot water into, but of course royalty got something better.  Their bathtubs looked more like swimming pools than bathtubs (image1)

14:   Taro Tapioca Soup: Recipe (with image)
I don't know if they ate this in ancient China but I sure adore this dessert *-*

15:  So finally we have the identity of the mystery person revealed.  I took some major liberties with Mongolia's character because he's not really discussed by Himaruya-sensei.  
    -> The description of his physical appearance in chapter 6 is completely made up by me, 

    -> His name, Batukhan, means "Firm Ruler" according to a quick google search, again, thought up of by me

    -> The Mongolian Empire spread across much of Asia and Eurasia from 1206 to 1368, claiming all of China and parts of the USSR as well.  It was ruled by the Mongols (obviously) and was at one point split into several parts ruled by different Mongols (like splitting land within a family kind of thing).
         In China, the Mongolian rule is written in history as the Yuan Dynasty and was one of two dynasties ruled by an ethnicity other than Hans (the other being the Qing Dynasty ruled by the Manchus).  

   -> I would imagine ethnic tensions ran high in China at the time since it was an invasion hence the erm...harsh treatment of Yao by Batukhan.  From the little bits that I read up on regarding the relationship of the USSR and Mongols it appears they didn't particularly like the invasions either.  For any Mongolians reading, I sincerely apologize for how badly Batukhan is portrayed.  Standing back from the fandom, I would like to disclaim that I bear no grudge against Mongolia/Mongols.  

     -> Historically speaking, Russia and China didn't have contact or relations until the late Ming Dynasty (the dynasty AFTER Yuan), so actually when Batukhan came into Yao's home Ivan shouldn't have even known about Yao nor Yao of Ivan.  For the sake of the store I fudged history a bit (what's a few hundred years, lol).

16: The woman emperor referred to is Wu Zetian, she was the only female emperor to ever rule over China.There's a lot of controversy over how she really was as a person, an emperor, etc., my description of her is just one of the ways to view her.

17:  Lin Zexu, a governor general in the late Qing Dynasty who was sent to help suppress the spread of Opium into China.  He firmly opposed Opium usage and has become a model for moral governance.

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