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 I just spent the entire day packing up everything in my room and moving it to the building next door.  Yes I'm moving, to next door.  Not that far, still a lot of crap to pack and move though ><  How the hell did I accumulate so much stuff?  I don't get it, I look over into my Japanese roommate's room and it's clean as a whistle, orderly, no clutter, everything has a place, no stashes of stuff just randomly tossed over.  Then you look at my room and omg it's like a tornado's hit.  I should take a photo of all the stuff now that I have about 95% of it all cluttered into my new room, it's insane.  I have this urge to just toss everything out and start with a brand new slate, except I wouldn't have the money to be able to afford throwing everything out.  I have piles of useless crap that in my mind I know I'll most likely never use but always can't seem to throw away because I always end up thinking I MIGHT have some use for it somewhere down the road.  At the same time whenever I DO manage to throw something out it's almost inevitable that I'll end up needing it a few days later -___-  Life likes to bite us in the rear doesn't it?  I hate moving, I detest moving, I absolutely abhor moving, next life if I can't come back as a panda I want to be a snail so I can always just lug my home on my back wherever I go D:
Tags: bitching, moving, rl
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