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2009 since graduation

 Ok, so let's sum up the last 3 months of my life since I finished school.

- ran around frantically looking for a job
- checked work-related job sites daily...hourly in some instances
- sent out dozens of resumes a day
- only 2 interviews, one with DND and one with Wellness Centre
- accepted job at Wellness Centre at end of the month

- worked at Wellness Centre
- whined and became all paranoid due to job's sketchiness
- went to Montreal with high school friends
- re-started job hunting at end of the month due to not having enough hours and job's sketchiness

- had interviews with Public Service, Environment Canada, Health Research Institute and Transport Canada
- filled in sick leave at Health Canada for 2 weeks
- got job at Transport Canada

In the coming months:
August - November:
- keep working at Transport Canada
- mommy coming down to spend some time together (yay~ <3)
- take some time to self-learn some basic Japanese phrases so I don't go wandering Nagasaki like an idiot


I guess that's not too bad considering it's only the 3rd month since the end of school.  Inititally I was starting to get frantic about having to find a place to stay in Ottawa since there's someone to take over my apartment room in September (I thought I would be off to Japan by September) but now one of my current roommates is leaving in September as well so I'll be taking her room as the new girl takes mine.  Then when I leave at the end of November I have a friend who's willing to take over my room for me, so everything's working out a-ok.

Also made a bunch of new friends online recently through a Rochu MSN group (Russia/China).   If you're a fan of the pairing and haven't joined then GO JOIIIIN!  The group address is group26689@msnzone.cn , you just need to add that to your msn/windows live messenger like you would any regular contact :D  

Our ad and some quick instructions after you've joined for those not fluent in Chinese (the group was created by a girl in China so she made it using the Chinese msn site) (artworks made by the ever talented zuki-cha~n):

So now that I've finished my pimping job, how's everyone else's life going? (I scribbled this to the Rochu group before I raced off to work this morning XD)

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