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loveandpeace website invite? Y/Y? :D

Ok, so trying (for the millionth time) to improve my Chinese reading skills.  Borrowing books from the library's fine and all, but going to try to get into the habit to typing up more lj entires in Chinese (or at least in both English AND Chinese) and regularly checking up on Chinese websites.  So, first thing's first, googled for a Chinese APHetalia website and came across: 

Looked pretty good, wanted to register, and found out I need an invitation code from a member.  Now if memory serves me correct I think someone on my f-list mentioned that website before ( animesque  was it you??  I think it was you but I can't quite remember) so if anyone on my f-list is a member and wouldn't mind shooting me an invite for that website I'd be oh-so grateful :D

Ok了,试着(第几十万次)上进我读中文的水平。在图书馆借书不错可是也要试着多在lj上写些中文的(或者中英双文的)记录和多查一查中文的网站。  第一我搜了一下中文APHetalia的网站发现这个;

看上去不错,想注册,而发现需要各请帖的密码。我要是记的没错好现有人在我的f-list上说到过这个网站( [info]animesque 是你吗? 好像是你不过我记不太清楚了),所以要是有谁在我的f-list上在那个网站是议员而且不建议送我个请帖我会很感激地,呵呵~ 

Tags: anime, axis power hetalia, help
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