koneko_desu (koneko_desu) wrote,

Rain, rain, rain

 These drippy drippy drop drop days are such a drag.  It's predicted to rain on and off for this entire week!  Why can't it just thunderstorm all the water out of the clouds in one night, give us some aweinspiring lightening shows accompanied by some earth-shaking thunders and then clear up for the next 3 weeks with sunny-but-not-oven-like-heat??  Whenever it rains, aside from the fact that going out is a drag since my pantlegs get soaked and I run the risk of pulling a Mary Poppins with my umbrella, my hair starts frizzing like crazy.  Within 15 minutes walking in the rain I start morphing into pom-pom-head (that's with an umbrella, without one I'd just be Ms. Drowned-rat).  The worst is when you have a job interview or have to meet someone important, showing up looking like pom-pom-head doesn't make a good first impression >__<
Tags: bitching, random, rl
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