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Drew a another piccie~! - Welcome...

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September 26th, 2005

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10:19 pm - Drew a another piccie~!
This time it's of Okita Souji-kun from Peacemaker Kurogane(and for Kenshin fans, he makes appearances in there too albeit looking a bit different). Okita's one of my favourite bishounen not only for his looks, but for his adorable yet deadly personality and his depressing past. In real life, Okita-san was a samurai of the Shisengumi (as he is depicted in PMK and Kenshin).

The leader of division #1, his combat skills were deadly and polished. I believe he first picked up the sword when he was 9 and he managed to master it by 15. However a very cruel destiny awaited this man as he was diagnosed with tuberculosis at a time when the disease was deadly and died at the young age of 25.

Souji from PMK is kinda like Fuji Syuuske from Prince of Tennis and Tohma Seguchi from Gravitation. He's always seen smiling until he picks up the sword in a fight. For those P.o.T fans, it then becomes kinda like Fuji's match against Mizuki XD Souji has no hesitancy towards killing and knows that the sword is meant to kill. This is one of those bishies that you just want to give a big hug to and never let go =^-^=

As for this art (XD oopsie, almost forgot about that part), I drew this mostly to play with the hair a bit on Photoshop. It didn't turn out too badly although the more i look at it the more i think his head's too big <.< i didn't draw souji with a smile despite my comment above about him always smiling because when I first drew it i wanted to depict what he might look like if he ever allowed himself to dwell on his childhood which (i'm guessing here) wasn't exactly ideal. No person who'd become a master killer by 15 can smile 24/7, so think of this as a stolen moment where even souji feels a twinge of remorse....ok now i'm getting myself down so i'll stop there XD

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