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 Didn't get the job at the Department of National Defense, darn ;A;

Ah well, at least I still have the other job but it still kind of sucks to know I failed the interview.  The position was basically a librarian, doing circulation desk stuff, putting books on shelves, helping people find what they're looking for, etc.  The interview was so...intense though, to be expected of anything government related I guess.  The questions they asked weren't even the usual "what're your strengths?  What're your weaknesses?" but things like "what makes a good leader in your opinion?  Are you more of a leader or a follower?".

The job I've got now the work environment is so much more relaxed.  When I walked into the HQ for DND and see all these military personnel going in and out, everyone going through security and the whole atmosphere's so serious, I felt like I was suppose to stand at attention and salute as all these people walked by XD

Anyway, now I can stop stalking the job bank/ workopolis/jobs open websites and settle down to work until the end of summer.  
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