koneko_desu (koneko_desu) wrote,

A bit of silver lining on the grey cloud?

Well, a bit of optimism in my current rut of jobless-ness and omg-what-to-do-for-4-months flail.  My renewed passport came in, which is exceptionally fast considering I just send in the application a week or so ago.  Apparently the heavens smiled upon me and got me through the process without the citizenship and immigration department dragging its feet, amazing.  Got a few calls from my job placement agencies that they've sent out my resumes to several locations, so keeping my fingers crossed that I'll hear back from at least one of them soon.  Finally, got my final grades for 4 (out of 5) of my classes.  A-, B+, B and B.  Hurrah!  That's pretty damn amazing considering how unmotivated I was through the entire semester.

Keeping my fingers crossed on the jobs front.
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