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Katrina Just gone...Now Rita's here... - Welcome...

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September 22nd, 2005

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09:31 pm - Katrina Just gone...Now Rita's here...
This is gonna be a long post, but I'm NOT, i repeat NOT, putting it behind a cut because I believe every single person needs to know or should at least be aware of this.

For those of you who usually pick up the remote and change the channel when the news is on, or others like me who doesn't have tv/cable and thus uses that as an excuse not to have to be informed about the goings-ons in the world, another hurricane is about to hit the USA, this time Louissiana and Texas, her name? Rita.


Now, being informed that another hurricane is on its way, you'd think that the United States Gov.'t would be a little better prepared for it, well apparently not.  Traffic to evacuate predicted targets of Rita, esp. Houston, Texas was apparently backed up for hours, so long that motorists actually ran out of oil waiting!!  I may not like America very much, hell I can honestly say I hate their government like none other I've ever hated before in this lifetime and the last, but I feel terrible for the ppl that have to abandon their homes because of this.  What spurs my sympathy even more, is that they have an absolutely clueless gov.'t that has no idea what the hell it's doing and seems to be sitting on its asses as its own citizens are killed off right in front of them, for a country that seems to value human life so much (yeah right) and puts such emphasis on humanitarianism in third world nations, it amazes that they have to the guts to leave their own people stranded high and dry (or wet) like this.

Now when Katrina first hit, I had no idea seeing as I was just in the midst of coming back from China and getting into my new home plus I had a distinct distaste for the news after not watching it for 2 months.  However through LJ and all the advertising on the net about victims and such I gathered pretty much that the damage was brutal and the US gov.'t has once again proven how useless it is.  I refrained, however, from posting an update regarding Katrina because, like I said, I held a grudge against their Gov.'t and plus, I usually prefer keeping such political topics off my lj as this is a place I like to escape the real world.  After reading about Rita, however, I find myself clicking on the update button and searching for aftermath pictures due to my unbeatable need to express my outrage at having such an incompetent gov.'t run the most powerful and rich country on this dinky planet. 

First to get everyone into the mood though, some pictures from Katrina:


So what right? Water submerging buildings, ppl in rafts trying to look for survivors, seen it all, glad I'm not living there, right? Now try to imagine yourself, in your home, and outside your window, the wind's howling, trees are being uprooted, the electric pole just got knocked down, a metal sheet comes flying through the window breaking it into smithereens.  Below, water's rising; cold, freezing water, lifting you closer and closer to the ceiling, squeezing out precious oxygen.  Kinda scary isn't it?  Or imagine yourself as a victim trapped somewhere, with nowhere to go.  Or maybe instead of dying yourself, you watch as your mom, dad, siblings, or friends get smashed with that metal sheet instead, and as the water rises, washing away the blood, you realize you've just lost them forever.  Quite a different picture than just ppl in rafts looking for survivors isn't it?  But this isn't some horror movie, this isn't a nightmare, this is real, and to these people, they can't just click the button on the remote and change the channel.

Now this picture below, some people might've seen similar scenes on the news:

People getting on a bus to get out of the city AFTER the hurricane's hit.  Now here's my question....if the gov.'t KNEW that the goddamn hurricane was coming and they had a pretty good idea where it was gonna hit worst, WHY THE HELL DID THEY NOT SEND IN THESE FREAKING BUSES BEFORE KATRINA HIT TO GET PEOPLE OUT?!  The goddamn rich people already fled as soon as news was heard I'm sure, which left those only poor and with no means to leave stranded, trapped, abandoned, however you want to call it.  Even if you say "well they couldn't have possibly gotten everyone out" or whatever other excuse you want to come up with for the gov.'t,  even if they just got one more person out of that disaster zone before hand that was one less life that had to suffer, and I'm sure to that person it would've been as if a miracle had occured. 

Well that's not fair right? I mean what about the other thousands of citizens there??  If the gov.'t couldn't get EVERYONE out then they shouldn't have moved at all to avoid getting accused (again, avoiding responsibility, gov.'ts are so good at this, I wonder if those in the gov.'t has a degree in avoiding responsibility) of playing favourites right?  But lets turn this around and once again, place yourself in their position.  What if you were the one that could've been rescued before-hand? Or if your one of the rare ones that would've prefered to stay behind and brave it with the other victims, what if it could've been your brother? Sister? Friend? Mom? Dad? Daughter? Son? Makes a bit more difference now doesn't it?

Last three pictures, these are the hardest ones to see, as they're not of just concrete buildings:

................I think these pretty much speak for themselves.  What do those bastards in the US gov.'t think when they look at pictures like these? Or have they maybe been turning a blind eye to images like these?  Because let's face it, these people aren't going to be piling money into Bush's pockest are they?   Why do they have to wait until a disaster's occurred before they'll send in help to their own people?  If you notice a glass sitting on the edge of a table, do you wait until it's fallen and smashed then shrug and say "well, time to get out the super glue" or do you nudge it to a safer place first? You can use all the superglue you want, but that glass is never going to look the same.  Those cracks that are forever imprinted on that glass, those are the lives that's been lost in this tragedy, never to be recovered again.  And now with Rita on its way, there doesn't seem to be any move to move that second glass before it falls.

I think a lot of people, myself included has become jaded to lives being lost in disasters.  When I heard the number of casualties for Katrina were in the hundreds (or is it in the thousands now? see I can't even remember anymore....these are LIVES we're talking about here, not what's on your next math test *bangs head*!), the first thought that ran through my head was "that's not THAT much"...............yeah..........not that much.......until I started thinking......what if one of those people were my friends....my mom?......Even one of my teachers?.............Just that one person then, would make me cry more than a 1 000 000 lives of people whom I don't know.  Is that fair? No. But I guess that's the way the human mind and heart works....when it's someone you know and care about, that one life stands above even 1 000 000 others if not more.  But seeing as most of us probably don't have people we care about that much in New Orleans or Houston or Louissiana......well....I guess it's too much to expect anyone to take a moment and feel remorseful for these people hm?  Yeah...maybe that's why, as a matter of fact, I KNOW that's why we let thousands of lives suffer and die everyday.........because we don't know them personally, and thus we don't care for them aside from a side comment of "well that sucks, glad I'm not them" once in awhile, and thus, we don't get hurt in anyway even though they suffer...and they die.  I'm sure those people that were caught in Katrina and about to be caught in Rita once did the same; and I'm sure that they're now wishing that perhaps someone out there would care enough to stand up to their gov.'t and tell them to get their asses in gear.  A taste of their own medicine perhaps? I'm sure we'll get ours too someday...

Pictures and information on Rita taken from here (info) and here (photos of Katrina aftermath) and here (photos of Rita)

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Date:September 27th, 2005 03:57 am (UTC)
i didnt noticed that about the new hurricane...i dont know why i decided to enter here (maybe because my beloved is in ur avatar XD) but...so im a little worried -_- poor people... so...thanks >_> i work in a bar and i cant turn on the TV -_-...so...that is all -_- kisses and thanks for post this -_- it makes me sad...take care!
PS: i dont like US gob. too XD....
---Aya-Chan Koyasu Fujimiya---
~~~Takehito Koyasu No Koibito~~~

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