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Hetalia Merch.

So far as I can see in APHetalia there's a lack of keychain/cell phone charms merch, but browsing Taobao for the first time I came across:

So. Very. Want. Gah.

It looks pretty official, but I haven't seen any other countries as keychains in this series so is now I don't know if  this is some fan-made product or just extremely hard-to-find official merch.  Anyone know how to register in Taobao and if this particular seller ships overseas and accepts paypal?  I tried registering but it asked me whether I wanted to register by cell number or mailing address...and being in Canada I'm not sure which I'm suppose to go with O__o

[EDIT]: Ah, after stumbling over the description I think the seller doesn't ship overseas, darn.  If I wasn't going to Japan in September where I'm pretty sure I'll be able to buy some APH merch first-hand in-stores I'd so email my family in China to get me some merch >__<

Body length pillow of China and Russia
- This one I KNOW is fanmade as I have the artist friended on deviantart, but isn't it gorgeous?  She has such amazing talent.
China cellphone strappy
- Looks fanmade/non-official, but so CUTE! 

There's also cosplay unfiorms for a bunch of the countries...around $300RMB...so...$50 CAD, wow, I probably can't even buy all the fabric I'd need for those costumes here in Canada for $50.

[EDIT3]: Hehe
S. Italy mini-plushie on chain.
America alarm clock (Saw a few for other countries too...but no Canada ;A;)
Shinatty-chan cell phone strap (Is it called Gitty in the Chinese fandom?? O_o)

And are these DOUJINS??

I need to start digging into the jargon used in Chinese anime fandoms.  同人apparently means fan-made?  And so a fellow Hetalia fan on my f-list kindly told me 同人文 is fanfics?

Also, I've seen a few times the Chinese fandom call China's panda 滚滚/GunGun (pronounced GoonGoon, not "gun" as in the weapon), is the panda's named mentioned in the official webcomic??

[EDIT5]: Whee~
France cell phone strappy
UK cell phone strappy

Looks to be by the same person who made the China cell phone strappy under Edit2.


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