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April 10th, 2009

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06:03 pm - Hetalia Merch.
So far as I can see in APHetalia there's a lack of keychain/cell phone charms merch, but browsing Taobao for the first time I came across:

So. Very. Want. Gah.

It looks pretty official, but I haven't seen any other countries as keychains in this series so is now I don't know if  this is some fan-made product or just extremely hard-to-find official merch.  Anyone know how to register in Taobao and if this particular seller ships overseas and accepts paypal?  I tried registering but it asked me whether I wanted to register by cell number or mailing address...and being in Canada I'm not sure which I'm suppose to go with O__o

[EDIT]: Ah, after stumbling over the description I think the seller doesn't ship overseas, darn.  If I wasn't going to Japan in September where I'm pretty sure I'll be able to buy some APH merch first-hand in-stores I'd so email my family in China to get me some merch >__<

Body length pillow of China and Russia
- This one I KNOW is fanmade as I have the artist friended on deviantart, but isn't it gorgeous?  She has such amazing talent.
China cellphone strappy
- Looks fanmade/non-official, but so CUTE! 

There's also cosplay unfiorms for a bunch of the countries...around $300RMB...so...$50 CAD, wow, I probably can't even buy all the fabric I'd need for those costumes here in Canada for $50.

[EDIT3]: Hehe
S. Italy mini-plushie on chain.
America alarm clock (Saw a few for other countries too...but no Canada ;A;)
Shinatty-chan cell phone strap (Is it called Gitty in the Chinese fandom?? O_o)

And are these DOUJINS??

I need to start digging into the jargon used in Chinese anime fandoms.  同人apparently means fan-made?  And so a fellow Hetalia fan on my f-list kindly told me 同人文 is fanfics?

Also, I've seen a few times the Chinese fandom call China's panda 滚滚/GunGun (pronounced GoonGoon, not "gun" as in the weapon), is the panda's named mentioned in the official webcomic??

[EDIT5]: Whee~
France cell phone strappy
UK cell phone strappy

Looks to be by the same person who made the China cell phone strappy under Edit2.


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Date:April 18th, 2009 01:53 pm (UTC)
Plus no one will suspect a cuddly panda of being a Communist spy.

Have you read this? 山寨熊猫

Lol Though the names 团团 and 圆圆 are as subtle as a brick to the head...PRC needs to improve their PR...
[User Picture]
Date:April 18th, 2009 07:49 pm (UTC)
They've always been weak in their PR department, especially against the West. I mean censoring things from networks like the BBC by blacking out sections of their reports? Or censoring the search of certain words/phrases/terms on the internet so no search results show up? Come on, if you're going to censor, do it so at least people don't suspect (well, a little late for that now I guess).

Chinese PR's so stiff and easy to spot the motives behind them, actually makes them a lot less threatening to freedom of speech and fair media than the news here in the West where they'll come up with buckets of "legitimate" reasons not to broadcast you're side of the story. Can't solve a problem until you admit there's a problem right? At least we know there's a problem over there, here we haven't gotten to even acknowledging there's a problem yet.

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