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March 28th, 2009

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10:36 pm - Who dimmed the lights?

So, did everyone take part in Earth Hour 2009?  Take a look at photos from participants from around the world :)

I initially wasn't in much mood to, with about a bazillion things zooming through my mind at 60m/hr recently, but then figured an hour in the dark with some candles would do some good.  Well, that was kind of a bust as the bazillion things starting racing at 120m/hr sending me into a "omfg-i-have-so-much-crap-to-do-and-no-time-to-do-it-and-omg-omg-omg" frenzy until I caved and called my dearest roommate over.  Misery loves company, such a true saying, we bitched and complained about school and graduation and how finding a job's harder than getting the G20 to consent on anything, laughed and chattered until 10:30pm with just the candles to keep us company.

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