koneko_desu (koneko_desu) wrote,

Calling home

For those of you who live away from home be it for college/university or whatever other reason, how often do you call your parents?

I'm "suppose" to call my dad in China every month, and my mom a little less often than that since we also email each other, but I can never seem to stick to the schedule...it usually ends up being like 3 months before I call my dad and even longer for my mom.  I feel so crappy when I don't call for a long time and the next time I call they're like "Oh I've missed you!  I was worried what happened to you~'!" and I always say to myself 'this time I'll make SURE to call within a month' then end up dragging it for more than that -___-

Gotta call mom tonight, gotta call mom tonight, and dad too actually, s'been awhile since I called dad too >__<
Tags: f-list, help
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