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No, you don't have a right to water >D

Apparently water's not a human right, it's a privilege bestowed upon us pions from the great lords above (aka, governments and/or private corporations).  Isn't that lovely and reassuring?  I look forward to the day they start saying "while food and oxygen are basic human needs, they are not human rights :D  So we can suffocate, starve and dehydrate you as we wish without being considered violators of human rights, merely a**holes and donkeys...which we already know we are anyway  :DD~".


[EDIT]: Oh, and way to go Canadian government on being such awesome promoters of Freedom of Speech~!  Barring one of our own MPs (Member of Parliament) from returning to Canada because he expressed views that are contrary to what some people believe/is controversial?  Uh huh, that's how we do it!  We lock out democratically elected MPs, picked by the citizens to represent them, from our country, whee~!  I mean whether I support what the guy says is one thing, the issues he deals in are extremely sensitive and controversial, but locking him out because of it?  Besides, that's such a sneaky and cowardly way of doing it, waiting until he leaves the country on a trip then refusing him re-entry into the country, if you're going to be all "NO! THY WORDS ARE WRONG AND EBIL!!  THOU SHALL DESIST THY UTTERANCES OF SATAN!!!" then at least take the initiative and kick him out, not be all passive aggresive.

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