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Home-stretch essays :D


Don't want to write this essayyyyyy *whine*

4000 words, Chinese business investments in Africa (yes, China-related again.  I'm focusing as many of my research essays this last year on China as possible since that's apparently where my area of interest lies for future career options, therefore might as well start learning now).

Due tomorrow.

Completed = 0%

After this I have 1 presentation on the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo), 1 reserach design (blargh...just the thought makes me all x___X), 2 essays on the DRC (one just 4pgs, double-spaced, the other in the same class as the presentation so I can use the same material), plus my final exams to do before I'm DOOOOOOOONE!!

Homg.  Feels kind of surreal, first day of university is like yesterday in my mind, can't believe I'm finishing up my last year already.  Growing kind of nostalgic already.  It's kind of like high school, even with all the bitching, whining and moaning of all the essays and all-nighters if you asked me would I do it again I'd say 'yes' just because of all the fun times I had with friends during these 4 years :)

Ah well, time waits for no-one, and definitely doesn't repeat itself.

Anyway, started up a "tegaki" blog.  It's kind of funky, you handwrite/draw your blog entries and comments (meaning using the mouse or a tablet).  Some people on there are amazing artists, it's awe-inspiring what some people can create on that little palette.  Me, I have a hard enough time in Photoshop, so on that thing it's scribble, scribble, scribble, lol.

Also, for the past 2 weeks or so, I've been munching away on these little Gherkin pickles (the no-name brand...cheaper, but tastes the same as the expensive brand, lol).  I used to dislike pickles, like I could eat them on hamburgers, but that's about it, now I'm crunching away on a few of these everyday, I think in 3 weeks I've gone through 6 jars of these things and I swear I'm not pregnant either.

Well, back to work on this essay ;A;
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