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March 11th, 2009

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11:36 pm - Bits of random
1) When I went home for X-mas I was about 127lbs, I came back at 130lbs and am now 132lbs (I realize the weight can fluctuate depending on time of day, before/after meal, etc., etc., I'm taking the average here).  Now my pants are beginning to get tight again.  Time to start exercising/eating healthier again it seems.  Can't afford to buy new pants.

2) I have AP Hetalia fanart addiction syndrome I think.

3) I love Hetalia for motivating me to start drawing again.  I needed a better hobby other than surfing the net every spare minute I had.

4) I don't know if the fact that since late 2007 I've begun to pay attention to my outter appearance more is a good thing or not.  I'm starting to do that "need to get ready for an hour before heading outside" ritual whereas before I needed like, 10 minutes. 

5) My desktop PC's IE is being weird recently.  It'll freeze on me randomly or just close itself without warning.  Kind of annoying since unlike Firefox IE doesn't give you the option to recover the tabs you had open when you re-open the browser.  Firefox, on the other hand, outright refuses to load pages like when I want to open an email in hotmail or my "post an entry" page on livejournal.

6) It makes total sense for the USA to say China is harassing its military ship that was 120km off the coast of one of China's islands when the Chinese haven't even demanded an explanation for why a US ship is even that close of China in the first place.  It makes even more sense that the US guys tried hosing down the Chinese in an attempt to get away.  If a Chinese military ship came within 120km of the USA's coastline the US would be opening champagne bottles and rolling out the red carpet in response, those damn unfriendly Chinese. 

7) Ottawa's weather recently has been really odd.

8) I look better with my glasses than without...in my opinion anyway.

9) I wish I had either violet eyes or green ones.

10) I'm really, really going to miss my friends here when I go to Japan.

11) I'm glad Hetalia motivated me to buy one of those wooden mannequin models you can pose in different positions when you draw, it's made drawing so much easier.

12) I really want a BJD from Dollmore (particularly the Kara Klum one).

13) I wish I had known about Premier Wen Jiabao going online on Feb. 28th to take questions from netizens BEFORE it happened so I could post questions too instead of AFTER (apparently aside from some of the valid and serious questions there was a bunch that were hilarious like "Dear Permier, I'm having trouble finding a wife, can you help me out?" lol.  It's tough being China's premier, you not only have a run the country but you also have to be a marriage consultant).

14) I wish Canada and China would interact more so that they're more slashable in the Hetalia fandom.

15) I have a crush on someone in my Mandarin tutorial class, I feel stupid and like I'm back in high school again and it kind of pisses me off that a male can have such a hold over me without him even realizing it or even consciously attempting to.

16) I am deathly afraid that I'll come back from Japan not with money saved but in debt instead due to the tons of stuff in Japan I will want to buy.  I must nurture some purchase-resistance between now and departure.

17) I actually enjoyed reading The Economists' Tale about a economic consultant from the UK in Sierra Leone and his descriptions of the incompetence that occurs in the World Bank and IMF.  Made up data?  Empty theories with literally no back up evidence?  Retarded conditions?  Pompous a**holes?  Enough eye-rolling material to make you dizzy?  Roll on the floor laughter from the stupidity of these supposedly highly educated people?  Using the lives of people in developing countries as guinea pigs to be experimented on?  Yep, the book's got it all.

18) I love Dita Von Teese's style of dress.

19) I want a 24inch waist.  Even 25 or 26 will do.

20) I didn't think this random list would go on for this long.
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Date:March 12th, 2009 04:36 am (UTC)
*cue highschool squealing* ooooOOooooOOoohhhh a CRUSH, eh? ;););) lol. aww that's cute. ya, i hear ya on the stupid males and their holds without even knowing/consciously doing so.. boo-urns.
and lol about the mandarin class, are you going to scrawl things all over your textbooks again? XDDD did you ever erase those or do you even still have the books? XDD;;; how embarrassing when i'd discovered that the guys had flipped through it.. rather, how MORTIFYING. /dies.
Date:March 12th, 2009 03:30 pm (UTC)
am lazy to log in :D;;;;

its surealistic_des :D;

@ Japan

Japan is an evil place :DDDD And you will buy lovely things there :33

@ 15 tell me about it :| :| I had the same problem when I was in Japan. Although one then got a gf which was a relief and the other.. .__.; out of sight out of mind proved to be harder than I thought
[User Picture]
Date:March 14th, 2009 01:14 am (UTC)
We should def workout together, before I travel I want to lose a lot of weight.

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