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I Made an Animation Clip!! - Welcome...

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September 18th, 2005

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05:14 pm - I Made an Animation Clip!!
sorta...it's only like, a few milliseconds long XD i just wanted to try my hand at actual animation and this is what i came up with. it's just an eye opening (half-way, i didn't even have the patience to draw it opening fully lol).

wow animation's a heck of a lot harder than i first thought it is, i mean, i realize that i am at the most bottom-est level of animation and there's no way in hell that the pros actually draw anime like this, but still!

i drew the pics using my artbox (that thing where there's a light inside so it makes it easier to trace the pictures)trying to make sure that one pic is only slightly different than the previous, but anyone's who's tried tracing knows that not only does ur hand get tired really fast, but it's impossible to be that accurate by hand. Then i scanned them in, then used pinacle studio nine to link them together. each pic/frame is 2 milliseconds, and there's 15 pics, so the whole clip is...30 milliseconds long XDD

if u're gonna watch it, i suggest using windows media player and have the loop/repeat option turned on and watch it a few times over cuz the first time ur gonna be like "what the hell was that flash??" cuz lets face it, 30 milliseconds isn't all that long.

http://s40.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=106HY5Q2FH18M223SBENKHXBEQ <--there's the link, it's only 0.7MB i believe so it shouldn't take that long to d/l. anyway, lol, some feedback'd be nice i guess, wow, new appreciationg for anime *nodnods*.
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished

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