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Inexpensive glasses? Oh thank the heavens!


After having worn glasses for...what is it now, maybe 12 years I have to say I always loathed getting new glasses because they're so damned expensive.  Usually it goes above $200 depending on the frames I choose, which seriously, I always felt was total b/s.  I mean frames that cost ~$100?  They're just frames for crying out loud, it's not like they use tons of resources to make. 

Then yesteryday, someone on one of the communities I'm on linked to this lovely little darling site:
Zenni Optical
-- Glasses starting from $8 (USD) lenses and frames included?  Uh, yes please!  And from most of the reviews (here, here  from Fox News, here, here) I've seen the quality of their glasses are pretty good too~  (Heck at those prices I can order me a few dozen spares XDD)

After some googling I also found this site:
Goggles 4 U which also has pretty good reviews (here, here).  Glasses from $12?  Good god I'm in glasses heaven. 

My glasses right now still work so no rush for new ones, but the next time I need new glasses I'm totally giving these two sites a try before high-tailing it to Hakim Optical or wherever.  

[ EDIT]:  It's time to change the clocks again, today's daylight saving time (or it just ended...I can't remember if it's daylight savings in the summer or winter, either way, move your clocks an hour ahead)  >__<  Totally didn't realize until I saw a friend's MSN name.

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