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$3.55 trillion...wow...that's a lot of money...

Obama unveils $3.55 trillion budget, says 'hard choices lie ahead'


The USA has $3.55 trillion?  Well, no I guess not since it says "U.S. President Barack Obama unveiled a $3.55 trillion US fiscal plan that will hike taxes on the wealthy, revamp Medicare and saddle the country with a massive deficit", if it has this much money there wouldn't be a deficit.  I'm puzzled, where does all this money actually come from??  I mean I think just about every country at some point in time has run a budget on a deficit, but when a country is in debt...who is it indebted to?  Other countries would be the most obvious answer, but if that's the case...which country in the current situation has so much money to loan to the US when everyone's scrambling to save their own asses?

Well in any case, at least Obama's doing something.  The guy hasn't pulled a miracle yet, but he's only been in office about a month, and he's trying.

P.S. Mr. President, there's a certain sector of your economy that takes up about 50% of your annual budgets, you should look into decreasing it since the USA is already far, far, far ahead of any potential competition in that area currently. 
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