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Preaching's very patronizing and insulting. This is bound to ruffle some feathers. - Welcome... — LiveJournal

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February 26th, 2009

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12:23 am - Preaching's very patronizing and insulting. This is bound to ruffle some feathers.
China's Rights Worsened, says US

... ... ... ...


Yeah, ok, whatever.

"Cultural and religious repression of ethnic minorities got worse in largely Muslim Xinjiang and in Buddhist Tibet, it said, with repression peaking around the time of protests in Tibet and last summer's Beijing Olympics."
-->  Gee, I wonder whose fault that was?  Killing innocent Han and Hui-Chinese for "Free Tibet"?  Making it almost impossible to get that torch through the streets in London and Paris?  Trying to steal the torch from a handicapped girl in Paris?  Accusing them of not having free media when they censored the crap the torch was facing on its jounrney then accusing them of fanning the flames of nationalism and anti-Westernism when they showed it on their medias?  Untruthful and subjective reportings of events based on one-sided or sometimes just plain false information in our medias? It's like you go lighting a fire in someone's front lawn then accuse the owners of being paranoid when they call in the cops and fire-fighters.

"We do not consider views about our performance voiced by others in the international community - whether by other governments or non-governmental actors - to be interference in our internal affairs," she (Karen Stewart, a state department spokeswoman)said. "Nor should other governments regard expressions about their performance as such."
-->  1) Way to be subtle.  I can hear the Politburo in Beijing having a good laugh over this.
2)  Its up to individual countries to determine whether such things are an infringement upon their internal affairs, that is the right of each country to be able to make that decision.  The US can not consider it an interference in your internal affairs, that's your choice and your right, but it doesn't mean other countries are obliged to follow suit, that is their right and their choice.  It is not up to the USA to preach to other countries how to consider these things. 

3) So what if you don't consider it an interference in your internal affairs?  It's not like you actually listen to the international community anyway.  You ignored all the controversy over Iraq, Guatanamo, Abu Grahaib, Camp Breadbasket or whatever the name of that place was, even from your own people.  International community opinion's never swayed or pressured the US into anything, the US is well aware that they're one of those un-intervene-able countries like Canada, UK and France and so we can bitch all we want but at the end of the day it makes no difference.  Therefore other countries have just as much right to ignore you as well be it China, Russia, N. Korea or whomever else is on that list.

How patronizing, to have a list for the sole purpose of judging other countries based on one's own standards, without taking into consideration cultural variations, historical differences, traditional norms or anythine else.  I should look into whether Canada has one too, and see if the US is on the list in previous years.  Then look on the US's list and see if Canada's on there.  No country's perfect without any human rights abuses.  At this rate every single country should be on every single one of those lists.

If there are other lists from other countries who do this annually I'd question as to why I've only ever seen the US list get reported on BBC and CBC this year and in previous years.  It's quite unfair because that means the US gets all my bitching when all the countries who decide to partake in this little tradition deserves some bitching.  Sometimes I think all the spotlight the US goes under has some negative side-effects, I mean the more the US gets reported upon the more people can find to bitch at them about alongside the praises, which means other less-reported on countries go under the bitching-radar.

[EDIT]:  I am overcome with an urge to draw this situation out using Yao and Alfred, the AP Hetalia characters for China and the US.  Darn this paper I have to write for tomorrow ;___;  Otherwise I'd so draw this out Hetalia-styled.

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Date:February 27th, 2009 01:37 am (UTC)

Public stunts

These public stunts are specifically designed for the local people, not for everyone. Do you remember Hilarious Clinton was asking former Pres. G. W. Bush not to go to Beijing Olympic? But few days ago she was in Beijing talking about business nothing else. They, western media, pundits and the politicians, fool their own followers.

Keep up your valid resistance…
[User Picture]
Date:February 27th, 2009 04:16 am (UTC)

Re: Public stunts

Lol, Hilarious Clinton? That's an awesome nickname for her XDD Yeah, it's true, politics is like a circus show these days. Maybe it's because Hillary didn't pressure China on human rights during her visit there that Washington released this to sort of...make up for it to pacify all those that were critical of Hillary. Have to keep the masses happy, happy, happy~
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Date:February 27th, 2009 06:50 am (UTC)

Re: Public stunts

I'd point out that this comes at the same time that Obama, in his speech, talked about environmental policy and how China's policy is stricter in pushing industries to clean up than the US's is. of course, we hear all about how pollution from China's coal-run factories blow across the Pacific to dirty American skies....

The fact is that whoever holds the money makes the decisions. That has been, for quite some time, America. If America wants cheap product at the expense of human rights and the ecosystem, then that's what will be supplied. Wal-mart and Nike are American creations. I don't think 5 year olds would be working in sweatshops if there were any other way.

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