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Back in OT~

Back in Ottawa~

Wow, this reading week went by super-fast, and I don't feel rested at all ;____;

Thank you to everyone who wished me luck for my interview, I passed the initial group interview on Wednesday and had an individual one on Friday.  I'll know whether I'm hired within 2 weeks *keeps fingers crossed*.   I really, really, really want this job, it's just so perfect for where I am right now; just about to graduate, eager to go to Japan, eager for some working experience, the chance to learn a new language, etc., etc.

Back to the current time, however, I have 1 paper due tomorrow, a presentation on Tuesday and another paper due Thursday of this week.  Plus, since I was in TO during reading week working myself into a nervous mess over the interviews I didn't get anything done ;_____; 

Oh, but I did get reminded by all the newpapers that Obama was in Ottawa back on the 19th.  From what I hear the city was armed to the teeth with RCMPs and police cars on every street corner and helicopters all over.  Lovely.  I think Obama's probably safer in Canada than in the USA given how infatuated Canadians are over him (not to mention green with envy that we get stuck with robot Harper while the US gets the stud). 

Anyway, gotta drag my behind through this week...gotta make it through this weeeeeeeeeeeeeek~
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