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Papers and midterms season is upon us again~

Just finished 2 midterms.  Blargh.

Now there's the term paper due on Friday, 12-15 pgs, double spaced.  Haven't started. 


"Humanitarian intervention and national sovereignty: China as case study". 

Harder than I thought.  Looked for info yesterday but since there hasn't actually BEEN a military humanitarian intervention in China there's not much on it.  The general consensus seems to be China extremely values national sovereignty, especially its own and therefore is very cautious about anything that might overstep those boundaries for other nations too (do unto others as one would like have done to onself, one of those philosophies, you know).  Which doesn't really help me.  There were the economic sanctions on China after 6.4 1989 (the Tiananmen thing), but that's about it. 

Anyone know if there's been calls for military intervention in China over Tibet or whatever else from any group?  Any calls for military intervention in China after 6.4 1989?  I mean the definition of humanitarian intervention is that if the government of a country is incapable of protecting its citizens then the governments of other countries are obligated to step in and do so (also known as the "responsibility to protect" or R2P).  So with all the people thinking there's massive human rights violations going on in China in general or Tibet in particular where're the calls for interventions??  Come on...need it for my paperrrrrrrrrrrr.

Hmm...maybe I'll make a slight shift and do the paper on "humantarian intervention and national sovereignty: China's perspective"?  That way I just need to look up China's foreign policies and its history of decisions at the UN security council.  Should be a bit easier.

Need to crank this damn paper out *sigh*.  Then next week I'm in Toronto for my interview with AEON (reading week, no school YAY!!).  Then the week after I have 3 things to do, 2 assigments and 1 presentation, the presentation being on my paper that's due Friday, yippee -__-
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