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总理受委屈了!挺住!中国人民支持你!! - Welcome... — LiveJournal

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February 2nd, 2009

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02:49 pm - 总理受委屈了!挺住!中国人民支持你!!


去年藏独的事儿风烟刚刚开始消,今年温总理在EU tour 的最后一个站, London (England) 那群无知的藏独家伙又出来丢人现眼了。这么缺德趁着温总理在Cambridge大学讲演向总理扔鞋子?!?! 连中国是什么political system都不懂,说总理是dictator, 我呸!

又没有创造力也不懂中国政治就乱在那儿胡说八道!总理是不是dictator管你屁事儿? 就算是我们中国人民喜欢他,支持他,你多差什么嘴?!中国的总理,听中国人民的,不听你的!人家能管好一个泱泱大国多不容易,你就管你自己的政府就行了,自己的小英国都管不过来还说我们的总理?!我呸呸呸呸呸!!

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/politics/7865868.stm (full video)


http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=IQ_50VrLUBo (amateur video, I lol'd so hard at the audience yelling "shame on you!' and "get out!" at the guy, lol.  Good thing that shoe missed, otherwise I can just imagine the Chinese forums screaming for the poor kid's blood for hurting their beloved Premier.)

[EDIT]: 呵呵,刚刚跟师友和朋友传了消息,大家笑这种败类真是给 Cambridge 丢脸。没文化,没教养,想想也真是搞笑。看看BBC上面那个link 有video, 宝宝等保安把那个败类弄走以后说的话太可爱了,呵呵。宝宝加油,别往心里头去,这种对中国无知的人在西方多的是,就让他们接着当他们的井底之蛙把,我们不理。知道中国人民是支持你的 :D

[EDIT2]: Bloody hell, the stupid Tibet issue's resurfacing, I don't even know if the shoe-thrower's a Free Tibet supporter or just some other random protesters against one part of China or another.  Apparently China's like hell on Earth or something, we oppress the minorities, steal their land, our army randomly kill and pillage, there's bloody on the streets, we drive tanks over random people, there's no freedom of speech, hell we should just all super-glue our mouths shut, there's internet and media censorship, heck maybe the entire Chinese internet is a hoax by the CCP and every single page and poster is a CCP-employed agent paid to make posts.  Stupid freaking shoe-thrower, pulling out all the issues of last year all over again. 

Apparently the guy's been released already, yet the shoe-thrower against Bush is still detained.  Isn't that interesting.

Also, Chinese internet police, stop censoring these damn stories!  I want to see/hear/read the Chinese peoples' reactions to this!  I don't get them sometimes, you KNOW the support will mostly be on Premier Wen's side amongst the Chinese people, let them know, let them see!  Let them see how misunderstood their country is and how much work there is to be done!

[EDIT3]:  Hehe..this is soooo~ not helping to facilitate dialogue.  A lot of the Chinese are getting frustrated and pissed off after everything last year and now their patiences' are wearing out.  Oh dear.  Btw, for all those medias and youtube videos reporting that Premier Wen arrived at the embassy and later at Cambridge to be greeted by protesters I happen to know from inside source that the supporters far, far outnumbered the protesters, but not even a mention of that.  Nice and unbiased reporting, every single one of you.  Apparently last year taught the medias here nothing.

[EDIT4]: Wait, isn't SINA a Chinese internet site?
http://video.sina.com.cn/news/c/v/2009-02-03/191630242.shtml (video and report)
http://comment4.news.sina.com.cn/comment/skin/default.html?channel=gn&newsid=1-334-30242 (comments)
So apparently it's not censored in China. 

[EDIT5]: Looks like the news is uncensored in China now:

I was on that forum last night looking to see if anyone had made a post about this and I found one initially but a few minutes later it got deleted, so I figured the story was on the censored list.  The post's back again, looks like the news is open now.

[EDIT6]:  Lol, I KNEW it.  Reading the comments on that tianya and sina forums now, everyone's taking the shoe-throw not as an attack on the Chinese government but as an attack on China and her people.  It's kind of ironic this happened in England because the Opium War is still a streak on China' contemporary history that a lot of people haven't forgotten just yet and now people are bitching the shoe throwing should be done by China.    This new wave of adoration for Premier Wen is quite like the one after the Sichuan earthquake but with more of a defensive undertone.  The premier's popularity is going to go through the roof after this, lol.  Thanks shoe-thrower!

[EDIT7]: Damn, tianya's post just got deleted.  Sina's is still up.  Lol, even CCTV's broadcasted the incident, there's no need to keep deleting peoples' posts.  In Chinese they call each thread a "lou" which also means building and they were complaining on the thread I was reading (and that just got deleted) that the previous "lou"s created about this incident were already so tall already (meaning there were already so many replies) and tianya had to go and delete them.  Well, at least I know the news isn't strictly censored in China now, off I go to find more forums with discussions.

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[User Picture]
Date:February 2nd, 2009 11:31 pm (UTC)
They think you're brainwashed into believing that he aint a dictator and that you sincerely believe in everything he does.

I'd be really interested to see some criticism on your part towards the Great Chairman, because he's certainly just a human, and humans do have their faults.

Especially when they're chairing whole political programs. However, i acknowledge the fact that the Chinese rulers have always lead the course wisely, because they have a great tradition of political wisdom to draw from.

Just ignore those morons up there in the West, including UK. They're totally clueless. And even more brainwashed than they believe you are :)
[User Picture]
Date:February 3rd, 2009 12:36 am (UTC)
By Great Chairman you mean Mao? I think Mao's a great strategist for wars/conflicts, that was made pretty clear during the civil war against the Nationalists, but I don't think he was quite cut out for the social aspects of ruling a country. During the second half of his life, so basically after the creation of the PRC in 1949, since there was no more wars internally he turned to look at developing China economically which caused all sorts of problems. The Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, never really a moment of peace. I mean given that there was a lot of work to be done, but I don't think Mao was quite trained in that aspect. I think a better candidate to rule would've been Premier Zhou, so I think it would've served China best if after 1949 Mao had let Zhou take over as head, but alas, I guess it's hard to just hand over power to someone else when you've been at the helm the whole way, fighting for it.

I think since Mao never studied abroad like Zhou or Deng he was still thinking a bit imperialistically, ie. he wanted to rule and him alone, hence if someone said Mao was a dictator during the second half of his life I'd agree, he was. Now see, that wouldn't have been too much of a problem if the people working for him had been like Deng who didn't care much for titles and just did the work, but now that the war's ended a lot of the people now wanted kind of a circulating presidency and Mao wasn't so willing to give up his hold. Actually I don't know if the people would've let him since by that time there was quite a bit of Mao-worship already since he did so well as a strategist during the wars. Anyway, yeah, so if you think about it, 1949 was PRC's creation, and then it was one step forward, two steps back, a few steps forward a few steps back all the way until Mao passed and Deng started the market reforms.

I think he meant well in all that he did. I don't think he ever woke up one morning and thought "well how can I screw this country over?", but his actions didn't quite meet his intentions and the blind worship by the people led to no questionning or the dismissal of those who dared to question Mao's decisions and actions. I really felt bad for Premier Zhou since he was flailing around during Mao's Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution trying to save people and fix things, but he couldn't do it openly since that would've been preceived as accusing Mao of having done wrong. I think that's also why a lot, a lot of people love Premier Zhou even more than Mao.

It would be interesting to see how China would've developed if Mao had given up his number one spot to someone else after 1949, but alas, history doesn't let us re-do things. I would've loved to see Premier Zhou as Chairman, Zhou had a reputation to be quite a bit of a softer (especially compared to Mao, lol) kind of like today's Hu and Wen (though Hu's definitely not a dictator either). It's interesting that a lot of the premiers in China are more favoured over their Chairman counterparts.

So uh..if by Great Chairman you didn't mean Mao let me know which one you mean, lol.
[User Picture]
Date:February 3rd, 2009 08:18 am (UTC)
I meant Wen, just jokingly. He's not even the top-1 person in China at the moment.

But thank you for your opinion about him and the President.

Premiers are always meant to be the softer ones, they play the good guy :)
[User Picture]
Date:February 3rd, 2009 12:19 pm (UTC)
Oh, Wen's not the Chairman, Hu Jintao is, well sometimes people translate 主席 (Hu's position) as Chairman and sometimes they translate it as president, kind of odd. Wen's number 3 on the power ladder in China, although I don't know the second guy's name, haha (I think the second-in-power guy's position title is Vice-President/Chairman).

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