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(My mom tells me when she was young they'd always eat noodles on Chinese New Year because it symbolizes longevity...because noodles are long you see XD)


当然了,对于中国人来说,西方干涉中国内政也不是一次两次了,最让大家感到中国人民团结的力量是无限的是在五月十二号发生的四川大地震后。我们感到了温暖和13亿人民的热爱,大家面对这不可阻挡的大自然灾害时,同胞们伸出了他们的手,呼喊着‘祖国加油,四川挺住!’的口号从四面八方来救援。我们为那些死去的人民悲痛,为他们的家属伤感,正在我们伤心和悲哀时,我们又一次看到了我们亲爱的子弟兵们,不怕苦,不怕累得抗震救灾。当然还有我们已经66岁的温总理,老人家‘无论再大的危险’都会 ‘义不容辞冲锋在前’。总理啊,您辛苦了,您说过,做好中国人民的总理是不容易的,您是一个大国的总理,肩膀上炕这是13亿百姓的希望,您要多保重我们都支持您!


(Pretty literal translation from Chinese to English, so forgive me if the English version sounds wonky)

2008, a year of winds and rain has passed, China experienced the snowstorm, political turbulance, Sichuan earthquake, the hosting of the Olympics, Sanlu milk products and various other incidents.  Within one year we felt pride, pride that China successfully hosted the Olympic Games, our century-long dream finally became a reality!  Of course, we cannot forget the course of events ahead of the Games either, the riots in Tibet, the humiliation of the Olympic torch on its journey through various Western countries has been carved solidly into our hearts.  However, this time the Chinese people did not simply allow the West to demonize their country at will, instead they stood up and sounded the drums to protect the Olympic torch, protest against Tibet separation, against the untruthful coverage by the Western medias and even more-so against the interference in China's internal matters.  Perhaps this is the best attestation within the most recent century, proof that China is finally standing up, dependent only upon our own strength, determination and confidence, added to many leaders that served for the people, the dragon of the East is finally awakening!

Of course, to the Chinese people, Western countries interfering in China's internal affairs is not just once or twice already, what truly allowed everyone to feel that the strength of the Chinese people united is limitless occurred after the Sichuan earthquake of May 12th.  We felt the warmth and love of 1.3billion people, faced with an unstoppable natural disaster everyone stretched out their hand, yelling out the slogan "GO CHINA! SICHUAN HANG IN THERE!" help came from every direction.  We mourned for those that died, and felt endless pain for the families of the victims, right as we were mourning we once again saw the appearance of our sons-and-brothers military (Peoples' Liberation Army), not fearing hardships, not fearing fatigue they started the rescue.  Of course, there was also our already 66-years old Premier Wen, not caring for whatever dangers there may be, he charged to the frontlines (this is a quote from a song someone wrote dedicated to the Premier.  The first link takes you to the MV someone made using that song, the second link takes you to the Chinese lyrics).  Premier, you've worked hard, you've said before, to be a good Premier to the Chinese people is no easy task, you are the Premier of a large country, on your shoulders you carry the hopes of 1.3 billion people, please take care of yourself we support you!

2008 has passed, and now we welcome 2009.  Hope in this year the country will flourish and prosper, hope the people will have all their hearts wishes come true!!

(Good god the English version sounds awful >___<  Sorry guys, that's the best I can do.)
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