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Interview for teaching job in Japan! - Welcome...

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January 22nd, 2009

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09:36 am - Interview for teaching job in Japan!
Whee~  I have an interview in February with AEON in Toronto, one of those schools/companies in Japan that hires English teachers and if all goes well I'll hopefully be on my way to Japan within months!!

I'm so excited!

I have to write up a 30minute lesson plan teaching basic English conversation that involves student interaction and games/actitivities.  At the interview I'll have to demonstrate 5 minutes of the lesson to a group of 2-9 "students".  Anyone have any suggestions??
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Date:February 3rd, 2009 05:49 am (UTC)


The first thing to do would be to pick a topic. An easy one is greetings/introductions! You will find this useful as I've found 99% of ESL students respond to 'How are you?' with 'I'm fine, thanks.' It never changes.

So, you can go over:

'How's it going?' (different levels of politeness? or when to use which sort of greeting -- with friends, to your teacher, etc.)

'How are you?'
'Nice to meet you.'
'My name is _______.'
'I am (insert occupation/kind of student here).'

'Good morning'
'Good afternoon'
'Good evening'
'Good night'

'See you.'
'Have a nice day'
'Talk to you later'

These sort of elementary greetings sort of break the ice, so to speak. As well, they're phrases that you can practice every class and that they can use on a daily basis.

Group activities include role-playing out various situations where those phrases can be used. You can also do a memory game where you can either find the same word twice or pair words up -- ie: 'Hey' -> friends | 'good morning' -> morning etc.

You can also play hang-man.

Or, another way to get them to interact is to bring a ball of string with you and get everyone into a circle. You say your introduction: 'Hello. My name is Mengya. I am your teacher.' (or whatever else you want, of course), and then toss the ball to someone and have them say their introduction. Repeat until everyone is holding the string.

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