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Interview for teaching job in Japan! - Welcome...

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January 22nd, 2009

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09:36 am - Interview for teaching job in Japan!
Whee~  I have an interview in February with AEON in Toronto, one of those schools/companies in Japan that hires English teachers and if all goes well I'll hopefully be on my way to Japan within months!!

I'm so excited!

I have to write up a 30minute lesson plan teaching basic English conversation that involves student interaction and games/actitivities.  At the interview I'll have to demonstrate 5 minutes of the lesson to a group of 2-9 "students".  Anyone have any suggestions??
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Date:January 26th, 2009 08:56 pm (UTC)
You have a political science degree and you are looking for a job as an English teacher? Honestly, if you wanted an English teaching job you picked the wrong program.

Shouldn't you be applying for a job in Canadian government or something of that sort, like their foreign service?

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Date:January 26th, 2009 10:31 pm (UTC)
First off, who are you?

Second off, just because I have a PoliSci degree doesn't mean I am limited to political job choices. I know many, many people in my program and in programs that have absolutely nothing to do with teaching who have taught in Japan and China. It is a great opportunity to gain some experience abroad, learn some new languages and get a first-hand look at local cultures. By learning new languages I open doors for future career choices in politics, and gaining a first-hand look at different cultures gives me an advantage if I should choose to work in that area in the future be it politics or otherwise.

I am not planning to teach English for the rest of my life, there is nothing wrong with my choice in program. At the momeny with the economic recession the hiring rate for the government has slowed like for every other sector, therefore I plan to take the opporunity to go abroad, gain some working experience, learn a new language, as well as take some time to immerse myself in a country that has long held a fascination for me. Afterwards I plan to go teach English in China where my true interest for future political career development lies. I want to improve my Chinese while there and see for myself what kinds of changes and development are occuring and have occured in the country. I want to see first hand the benefits people have gained through the government's policies as well as what problems these developments have brought. Tell me, what is wrong with that? If I want to work in China-Canadian relations in the future or research differences between China and the West be it politics or culture, what is wrong with my choice to go teach in the area for awhile so that I can have an income while I gain experience?

If I was merely interested in Canadian politics then perhaps going straight to the government would be the best choice, but that is not where my interest lies. To want to work in international development or relations and yet having no working experience abroad, to me that sounds ridiculous and ignorant. If I apply for Canada's foreign service yet go in having no first-hand knowledge of the country of which I will be dealing with that is absolutely arrogant and I would think insulting to the country in question.

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