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B*********d Obamies (cookies if you can guess the first word) - Welcome...

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January 20th, 2009

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02:00 pm - B*********d Obamies (cookies if you can guess the first word)
I don't understand this hype about America's newest idol; Mr. Obama.  I even had a prof urging us to tune in to his speech tonight, and our university's apparently holding some screening of the inauguration ceremony or something.  I open hotmail, it's got Obama's face on it, livejournal's prompt is related to Obama, I open any page that has any remote report on news and Obama's face stares back at me like I'm suppose to jump for joy and kiss my monitor. 

Guys, he hasn't even DONE anything yet.  He's made a few good speeches, wow.  That's amazing, and if the work qualifications for a president was the photocopy of the work requirements for a speech writer then I'd say go for it, hype away, but it's not.  Empty words can be said by most people (I'd say everyone, but Bush Jr. proved that assumption wrong), but a GOOD politician that deserves worshipping needs to deliver RESULTS and thus far I haven`t SEEN anything solid from Obama yet.  Is the USA (and a lot of the world) THAT desperate for hope that they`ll grasp for blind faith these days?  Actually, that's one of the biggest issues I have with this whole elections thing, it's based on empty words and speeches, not concrete actions so whether those that get elected are any good at DOING things remains a mystery until AFTER they're elected, in which case, you're stuck with them either way.

I can't wait until January 2010 and look back and see how Mr. Obama lived up to the expectations.  Has he lived up to them?  Have the expectations been lowered?  (Watch for it, I can almost guarantee that now the election's over Washington`s going to start lowering expectations now so it doesn`t seem like he`s failed to keep his promises).  Has he delivered on the expectations?  How much?  How effectively?  At what cost?  To be honest even a year's a bit short to make solid judgements but heck the US president's term's only 4 years so what can you do.

 I finally figured out the key to controlling the masses.  Desperation leads to blind faith, keep the masses desperate and they'll believe without proof.  Good stuff.

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Date:January 20th, 2009 11:59 pm (UTC)
I'm pretty sure Bush is tied with Nixon for the title of "Worst American President Ever", so really, there isn't much Obama would have to do to be a "better" president. XD

As for all the hype? I just ignore it. I ignored the elections for the most part (so didn't vote), but what little coverage I did see pushed my favor toward Obama (McCain just looked like a skeezy old man who would die in office and then we'd get stuck with that fucking idiot Palin.) . . . Yeah I judge people on how high they rate on my creepy/stupid radar :P I didn't say it was a good way, but I do tend to be a good judge of character >.>
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Date:January 21st, 2009 12:54 am (UTC)
McCain just looked like a skeezy old man who would die in office and then we'd get stuck with that fucking idiot Palin.

Lol, honestly I do admire that guy for even running for office at that age. I mean if it were me by that age I'd want to just lounge around in retirement.

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