koneko_desu (koneko_desu) wrote,

...so...our Parliament is apparently dysfunctional...again...

Ok, hold on, hold on.  Is my short term memory going?  Did we not JUST have an election?  Back in October, right?  Right before Turkey Day (or was it right after?)?  So then...what the hell is this;

Potential Liberal and NDP coalition?  Liberals wanting to use a vote of no confidence to bring the parliament down and lead us into another election?  ANOTHER ELECTION?!   I know winter's coming and it's hibernation time when we snooze around and don't do much...but that doesn't mean I want to use my sitting-around-doing-nothing time to WASTE MONEY ON ANOTHER USELESS ELECTION!  The last one already cost us 300 million.  This is starting to get a little ridiculous, someone, stir up some trouble in Canada so our politicians can stop trying to screw each other and actually do something productive.  I can't believe we actually pay these people...absolutely can't believe it.  If I was a friend of any of the morons who lead these parties I'd smack him upside the head, if I was a wife I'd demand a divorce because to be married to anyone of these useless freaks is an embarassment.  Maybe having a set election date like the USA isn't such a bad idea, then they can't pull moronic stunts like this.

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