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Democracy = a government that represents ~25% of the country...yay? - Welcome... — LiveJournal

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October 17th, 2008

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12:19 am - Democracy = a government that represents ~25% of the country...yay?
Ok, so let me get this straight.  Approximately 60% of Canadians eligible to vote did  (I'm impressed, voter turn-out made it past the 50% mark).  The split up of the votes was:

Conservatives:  143 MP's elected    (37.63% of vote share)
Liberals:  76 MP's elected    (26.24% of vote share)
Bloc:  50 MP's elected    (9.97% of vote share)
NDP:  37 MP's elected    (18.20% of vote share)
Green:  0 MP's elected    (6.80 of vote share)
Independent:  2 MP's elected    (0.65% of vote share)
Other:  0 MP's elected    (0.51% of vote share)

So...basically it means we have a government which represents approximately 38% of 60% of Canadians...so...about 23% of Canadians.  We, the democratic country of Canada, have a government that represents not even a quarter of our population.  Good stuff, I'm proud of you Canada, glad to see you're making democracy work.  (Btw, how the hell did the NDP get about twice as many votes as the Bloc yet end up with not as many MP's elected into office??  O____o).

All information obtained from this article:

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Date:October 21st, 2008 02:02 am (UTC)
THE FIRST PAST THE POST SYSTEM BLOWS!!! Now that I got that off my chest, does anyone else think that we could've done without an election & put forth a motion in Parliament to amend our electoral system to one of proportional representation!!!??? "Distorted" democracy would be a better description of our political philosophy! I too am surprised that voter turnout was slightly above 60% (shocked is a more accurate description), but I can't shake off the feeling that the election was a petty (& greedy)obsession of sex-bot Harper to (slightly) increase his minority (which he did...*I'm now breaking into one-handed applause*). I'm just glad he went back to wearing suits (sweaters take away from his sex appeal lol). Anyways, now that Harper has maintained his minority & Canada has not been handed over to the US, & Canadians have not morphed into half-breed aliens...yeah I've clearly run on a tangent...anyways, did you hear that Dion is (eventually, as he puts it) stepping down- I say it's about time!I say elect Justin Trudeau & lets see how fast this country falls into another election & makes him PM!-James (no political biases intended (ok that was a lie))!

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