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I HATE, let me repeat, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE those stupid music/video embedding things that play automatically when you open a window.  Some people have been embedding them into their lj posts on communities so if I'm unlucky enough that I have my volume on fairly high then as I'm scrolling down my friends' page, skimming the subjects, I get this sudden loud music that starts playing and I have to frantically scroll around trying to find which post has this thing embedded in it so I can hit the stop button.  If I want to hear the damn music I'll hit play myself, don't stick it on automatic play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This last offence scared the crap out of my rabbit and made me spill my drink that almost frizzed out my goddamn keyboard.  ARGH!!!

Oh, and you know what?  Putting it on automatic play DOESN'T make me want to listen to the music, as a matter of fact, it pisses me off so even if I might otherwise have liked the musica just the fact that you tried to force it on my goddamn ears will turn me off from it, so as a promo-tactic?  IT SUCKS.
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