koneko_desu (koneko_desu) wrote,

How to go to the washroom while wearing a hakama. Offering cyber-cookies for solution :D

Alright, ok, so given that "hakamas" (or at least the kind I currently have in my possession) is in actuality a pair of baggy, baggy pants I've stumbled on a small problem...

How do I go to the bathroom without having to take the entire hakama off (and if you knew how the hakama's tied you wouldn't want to have to take it off then put it back on several times a day either)???? 


My Japanese roommate tells me that guys just lift one "pant"-leg up, and since it's so wide, guys can just...kind of go...but uh....I'm a little physically disadvantaged.

Anyone?  Anyone?  Any ingenious ideas to solve this little problem so come Halloween day I won't have to dehydrate myself a week in advance to ensure I don't need to go to the washroom on Halloween day?
Tags: ponderings, random, rl
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