koneko_desu (koneko_desu) wrote,

Blew a fuse...literally

Lol, uh oh.

Last year me and my roommates blew 3 out of the 6 fuses we have in total all in one night, and tonight we blew 2 more.  It seems like out of the 6 fuses we have, only 3 are actually..needed/connected to something, so last year after we blew the 3 fuses we just switched them with the 3 spares and didn't bother looking for the maintainence guy to come and replace them.  That meant that tonight, when we blew 2 more fuses we're now out of luck since we don't have anymore spare fuses meaning we'll have to wait until tomorrow morning to let the office downstairs know we need them to send someone up here and replace our fuses.

That leaves 1 more functioning fuse.  My roommate's bedroom, the living room (where my other roommate is in) and the kitchen all have no electricity, only my room (on one side) and the bathroom have electricity.  So...I've had to re-wire my computer to the side where the plugs still have electricity, and my roommates have all re-wired their lamps/laptops to the bathroom plug using an extension cord.  This side of the apartment now looks like an electrician's workshop or something, lol.  Thank goodness we still have 1 working fuse because I have an article review due tomorrow first thing in the morning and me being me...have only 1 out of the needed 5 pages written XDD

Actually..I'm quite surprised this last fuse hasn't blown on us given all the stuff we've got plugged into it, but here's hoping it'll hold out at least until tomorrow.  No one better trying turning on the vacuum cleaner or the hairdryer <___<  You don't realize how much we rely on electricity until all of a sudden it's gone. 
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