November 12th, 2012


USA elections, did you follow?

So, anyone watched/followed the US elections?  I wasn't planning to, but I ended up following in online during my breaks.  I think I only had 3 classes that day so for the rest of the time I kept refreshing my BBC elections page to see who was getting how many votes, and in between that I was checking my Facebook since it appeared a lot of my friends on there were doing the same.  We ended up sharing some interesting stories about the long lineups at the polls, the craptastic voting machines they were using, the incredibly undemocratic-ness of the electoral college system, and I don't know about my friends, but I was quite entertained at the expense of the poor Americans.

Obama won around 51 million votes I believe, with Romney winning about 50 million if we're looking at popular votes.  Which leaves like, 200 million Americans saying "f*ck this sh*t" and choosing not to participate in the circus.  If majority really ruled both candidates would be kicked out and a new round with new candidates declared since clearly neither on impressed the majority of Americans.

At the same time I loved that each side spent a few billion on election campaigning.  It's so awesome.  And they think every country can afford their lovely system, haha.  I would vote for the first candidate who takes all his/her campaign money and donate it to those in need, or hand it out to those who are facing difficult times in this harsh economy.  Using billions of dollars to tell us how amazingly wonderful they are and why we should give them power over us, what a twisted system.  Can you imagine?  Your friend gives you a few hundred bucks just to sit and listen to you brag about your incredibly self and how awesome you are.  And then, at the end of the day, you get to dictate to your friend if he/she should give you more money (taxes) if he/she can go to the hospital (healthcare) and if he/she can go to work (employment).  Oh, and maybe if you're generous you'll let your friend keep his/her house.  But maybe you'll send your friend's brother/sister to go fight abroad and end up with a lost limb..or perhaps he/she'll never come back because your other friend's got some investments in weapons and has shoved a wad of cash in your pocket to buy and use some of those weapons.  

Wow.  They should be paying us to listen to their bragging, not the other way around.

It really was quite surreal, kind of like reality TV.  I recall someone once said to me or I read somewhere that the US elections are the most undemocratic in the world because while the results will affect every person on this planet, only 300 million people get to decide the result, and in this case it wasn't even that many, it was a mere 51 million, so 51 million are dictating our world for 7 billion people for the next 4 years.  Democracy at its best!