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ELECTIONS ALERT~! - Welcome...

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August 26th, 2008

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03:30 pm - ELECTIONS ALERT~!

Heads up to all my Canadian friends, the country's racing full-speed into high alert for a fall election!!  If all the speculations and the wind up on Parliament Hill is any indication the official call for it will come in early September.  SO!!  Prepare to see all those pesky campagin signs getting posted on all the lawns and those door-to-door campaigners again.  Get ready to have to start wracking your brains trying to figure out which party to vote for again, and more importantly, trying to figure out what exactly is so different between our darling parties who all try to make themselves sound like a God-send who will lead Canada to Eden and their opponent sound/look like Satan in the flesh.  

I can feel the media itching to pounce.  After months with focus being on the lead-up to the Olympics, climaxing in a spectacular show from athletes and host country alike (which, btw, must've proven so disappointing to those "human rights" morons since the streets of Beijing weren't bathed in blood and the PLA didn't go around randomly shooting people as they seem to believe, plus the people of Beijing didn't swarm the foreign reporters in the streets wailing about how awful China is and how brutal, cruel and inhuman their government is nor did any athletes die from suffocating on air pollution) our media vultures are on the hunt for new headlines!!  Nothing better than some political mud-slinging, and after keeping an eye on the USA circus show for the past few months I think we're ready up north here for our own circus to open once again~ 

So, together now, let all of us tax payers wave bye-bye once more to a few hundred million dollars of our hard-earned dollars to be probably used in the coming months by our glorious leaders to tell us how wonderful they are.

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Date:August 26th, 2008 10:00 pm (UTC)
YAY! ELECTIONS~! </ facepalm>
.... it seems like we just had one. XD It's nice not having those ugly signs on every street corner (and every lawn in between), we don't need them again people!

*laugh* Those poor reporters, Beijing didn't give them any good fodder to play with. So there! *sticks out tongue* =^_^=
[User Picture]
Date:August 28th, 2008 12:23 pm (UTC)
Ah election time...fun fun :D :D :D :D :D

That and once they come into office, you realise half the stuff they promised never comes up again. I'm hoping Kevin Rudd lives up to his word, compared to Howard :x

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