February 9th, 2011


Fukuoka loot :D

 Went to Fukuoka yesterday for some training and as usual I sneaked in some shopping :D

I didn't have so much time this time since I had to get back to Nagasaki before school closed for some evening classes, so instead of Vivre shopping centre where they had an entire floor for gothic lolita clothes I just went to one store, Black Peace Now, in the Tenjin Core shopping centre.  They were having this huge sale on some of their winter stock but I didn't have time to try on any clothes, so I just got some accessories.  To my surprise after over half a year of not visiting the salesclerk there still remembered me!  I guess they don't get too many foreigners buying that style there.  On my first visit way back in like, March or April last year I bought a little mini-top hat, so now everytime the salesclerk sees me she makes the little hat motion with her hands and greets me with this huge "AH!!" and a smile.

Anyway, here's what I got this time (modeled by the lovely Capybara-sama);
A brooch...kind of.  It's actually 2 connected by a chain.

A pair of cute butterfly and rose earrings :3

And last but not lease I, of course, had to make a visit to Quatres Reves, the Takarazuka store.  I love going to that store but I hate it at the same time.  It's like heaven in there but I never know what to buy.  CDs? DVDs? Posters? Calenders? Folders? Magazines?  Postcards?  God, there's so much in there my eyes just darts around like I'm in a treasure trove *-*

This time I settled on Harumo Sumire's Adieu Marseilles.  It's an older show (from 2007) but I really wanted to get an Osa DVD, she was my first favourite top and her Elisabeth was the first full Takarazuka show I saw that got me hooked (actually I'm watching the DVD now as I type XD).  This was also her last show before she retired, and who could resist Osa in a suit :3

(Speaking of which, I'm going to see Zuka live again in May for Golden Week!! :DDDDDDDDD  More squeeing to come once I get my hands on the tickets, this time it's Yukigumi with new top Otozuki Kei, omg I CAN'T WAIT~!!!!)