July 14th, 2010


Photos, yay~

 Whoo, got some photos to post tonight~

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[EDIT]:  This post on talk_politics  is quite interesting.  The OP asked people to post their most politically incorrect beliefs and reading through them I have to say it's actually quite refreshing to see such frankness coming from everyone, and a lot of the things they've mentioned I myself support.  Ironically, I think one of my beliefs that I usually don't broadcast to people is that political correctness is overrated and has gotten to the point where it's starting to hinder political discussion rather than improve it.  When you have people screaming for national anthems to be changed because it mentions 'sons' and not 'daughters' and thus it is sexist I think we've crossed a line (and I think some people have too much time on their hands).  

Another political pet peeve I have is the whole feminism thing.  I mean yeah I'm glad women are now deemed as "people" under Canadian law and we can vote and blah, blah, blah, but at the same time I don't feel like the currently feminists (or some of them anyway) really even represent women.  What they push for is women to be more like men.  Strong, powerful women that dislike staying in the house and being the stereotypical housewife type is the kind of women they seem to see as successful products of the feminist movement and what they strive to make every women into.  Qualities that have traditionally been associated with women, gentleness, softness, kindness, nurturing, patient, tender, they still carry a sense of negativity with them.  To be these things carries a sense that one is weak, and we must be strong-willed, competitive, aggressive even and compete with the men to be the CEO, to be the Prime Minister or the President, that's the only way to show our strength as women.  To me, a true feminist movement wouldn't only focus on giving women the opportunity to reach those goals, but also to make the qualities that women have traditionally been deemed as possessing to be seen more positively and not as just a weakness that hinders us, because honestly, I .like being thought of as being gentle, kind, nurturing, patient and tender (even though I am quite lacking in most...hrm...maybe all of those departments XDD).