June 28th, 2010

Canada Flag

G20 chaos in Toronto

 Good grief, after crap like this it'd surprise me if any country volunteers to host conferences like the G20 ever again (and exactly why did Harper choose downtown Toronto of all places??).  The police should really re-think their tactics because at this rate these "activists" are going to be holding their jailtime as a badge of honour in a "ooh, I went against the big bad state and those oppressive b*stards locked me up to shut me up" way.  I feel bad for the citizens in Toronto that just want to get along with their day without incident having to deal with this.

This sentence in the article stood out to me for some reason;
"At mid-afternoon, police in riot gear began partly surrounding a group of bicyclists who had staged a protest through downtown demanding more rights for cyclists."
--Erm...what?  Protesting at an international conference for...more rights for cyclists? Uh.....o..k.  I wasn't sure whether to cry or laugh at this one.  Seriously, this "let's mob the politicians wherever they meet together" thing is getting a little old.