May 25th, 2010

[Animals]Horse-Wild and Free

Loving life <3

 Life. Is. Good.  

I think I seldom hear and even more rarely say those three words, but right now, I think it describes my life pretty well.

Last year I was scrambling around looking for a job after having just graduated from university.  Looking back I think there must have been a curse on me or something because every time it felt like I finally found a steady employment to tie me over until my trip to Japan, something would go wrong.  I jumped around between like, half a dozen odd jobs here and there I think when all was said and done.

Now, I have a steady job that, although by no means is making me rich, is bringing in more than enough for me to live off of.  Granted the job's not perfect, but what job is?  Hell, it's a lot better than some of the jobs I got last year.  I have my own apartment that's cozy and enough for one person, when you've been living for 4 years with roommates you learn not to be picky, and any personal space you get you appreciate to the max.

I recently started some dance lessons with some co-workers/friends and have also started Japanese lessons.  I've started to memorize my hiragana and katakana (yeah, yeah, I should've started the moment I found out I was coming to Japan, but I'm lazy and like to procrastinate) and there's a little thrill that runs through me when I find I can read some of the characters on signs and stuff.

Sometime this year I'm going to be taking a trip to China to visit my dad and the relatives over there and I'm sure it's going to be awesome.  I think now that I've traveled to Japan to work it's opened my mind a lot more to all the options available to me.  I used to think I wanted to just find a job in Canada and stay in Canada or maybe go as far as the US and that'd be that.  Trips overseas would be reserved for vacations and such.  Coming to Japan was seen as a last resort since I couldn't find a job IN Canada (granted one that had the side benefit of being me getting to finally visit the origin of anime).  Now, however, that's all changed.  I honestly don't really even want to go back there anytime soon, I want to stay here, either in Japan or pop over to China for at least a few years.  I've met so many students who went abroad to study or work and it's made me think why do I keep feeling like I MUST return to Canada ASAP, as if there's some enormous duty waiting for me there.  

 I'm young, I'm on my own, I don't have kids or a husband to worry about, I can go wherever I want and so long as I have a roof over my head and a job to pay the bills I'm all set!  I know two languages, one being the most popular and the other being spoken by the most people in the world, I have an education that's not insanely impressive, but enough to show I can hold a decent conversation, I have skills that I can use and an ability to adapt to Eastern OR Western cultures thanks to my background which has saved me a lot of the headaches foreigners have when they go from West to East or vice versa.  Last year made me feel so crummy because it felt like I just kept sending out those resumes and going to interviews only to be greeted with rejection after rejection, I wasn't even sure where my rent for the next month would be coming from, and I was literally living from paycheck to paycheck.  Now I've got money in the bank, new friends from all walks of life, the prime opportunity to learn a new language and experience a new culture, and I think most importantly, a fresh, positive outlook on the future of where my life can potentially be going towards.

Life is good.  As a matter of fact, at the moment, life is damn good   (Now to catch myself a boyfriend XD)