December 7th, 2009


First photo update from Japan~

Ok, so! Finally a post with some photos. Nothing grandeur since I haven't had too much free time, but just a few :D

First up, a quick map of Japan to situate people as to where in Japan I am. Fukuoka, the city where I am currently staying (and doing my training) is in the south, down near S. Korea. Apparently it takes 3 hours by ferry to reach Korea and my trainer goes there a lot. My school in Nagasaki is just a tiny bit more south to Fukuoka;

So last weekend I had some free time and me and the other trainee got some coffee at this cute cafe around noon where we met 2 other English teachers that are in another city but came into Fukuoka for the day to just shop and hang out. We chatted a bit, they saw us looking at our map discussing where to tour and struck up a conversation with us. One had been in Japan for 4 years and another for 3, neither had expected to stay for so long. It seems many people come for a year and end up staying for longer. Then me and my companion headed off to take this tour bus called the Green Bus that loops around to several spots in the city. We stopped at some ruins where apparently in the spring you can go to see cherry blossoms, but now of course there were no blossoms on the trees. We did notice, however, that the seagulls here in Japan are much smaller than those back in N. America, everything here seems to shrink in size, even their seagulls...granted their crows are huge O__o

Here's a photo of myself at the top of the ruins with a view of Fukuoka's skyline, pardon the messy hair, it was quite windy up there.

Then we hopped back on the bus and headed to a shopping centre called Canal City. My companion didn't seem all that impressed with the size itself, but compared to the malls in Ottawa this one blew me away. All the stores blew me away, I didn't even know where to start! So many cute little trinket shops, clothes shops, and yummy restaurants *O* I saw this one store for children that had a little show going on for kids using the Cinnamon Rabbit mascot, so I quickly snapped a photo;

They have Christmas decors up everywhere here. It feels like they're even more enthusiastic about the holidays than we are back in N. America, and Japan's not even a mainly Christian country! I think they really emphasize the commercial side of things more (given that that's kind of the way it is with Christmas everywhere now anyway). All the stores had Christmas songs playing, even the Green Bus was decorated with tinsels and bells inside =^o^=

For the rest of this week it's going to be busy with training, training, training, so I don't know how much sight-seeing I'll be getting, but so far this adventure's starting off pretty good :D I've been having fun eating at different places everyday, the food's delicious *O* I kind of wish I had 4 stomachs like a cow so I can try more things, but one step at a time I guess, lol. Visiting convenience stores after training to grab snacks has become somewhat of a habit now, they just have so much interesting looking food in there!

Sorry for the rushed and totally un-detailed update, I'll try to organize them better later on, but these few days has been kind of crazy. I also really need to charge up my camera's battery so I can take more photos OTL

PS. I met one of my branch school's teachers today, she came into Fukuoka for something and I happened to meet her during training. She's so friendly, gorgeous and enthusiastic!! She looked like a model to me, on top of the fashionable clothes that seems to be the standard wardrobe of 95% of the population here and WOW. I swear, even at the Fukuoka airport I noticed this, it looked more like a stewardess beauty pageant all the ladies looked so stunning, flawless makeup, perfect hair, whatever secret they have I need to get myself in on it. I can't wait to meet the other teachers at my school!