December 4th, 2009

[Anime]AP Hetalia-China




I can't believe it!!

I'm hereeeeee!

After more than 24 hours of travelling I'm in Fukuoka!!

I'm in a hotel room for my training period (10 days) and there's another girl with me (she has her own room though) so we have all our basic needs like shampoo and personal showers and all of that, plus free internet :D

Free morning breakfast too *O*

Me and the other girl already went out for a quick supper, it's so surreal seeing the streets I've only seen before on dramas, everyone's so fashionable here, it's insane O__O Everywhere I look there's a cute dress or a pretty shirt, I'm really going to have to curb my urges to shop, or just go window shopping instead because I need to save money AND keep in mind I can't lug that much stuff home afterwards. I like to think I usually dress average in Canada, sometimes a little more formal than necessary but here I feel so...blagh O__O

Already saw a McDonalds and a Subway, lol, I should have taken a photo of the McDonalds to post here, oh well. Tomorrow I have a half day of training then we're free until Monday, so lots of time to do some exploring and take some photos :D

One thing I think I should have brought but didn't think to is a common Japanese phrase book, I have a dictionary but a small phrase book would help. I'll have to look into that once I get to Nagasaki, or maybe one of those electronic dictionary things although I think those can get quite expensive.

Oh my goodness I'm so nervous but excited, this is the country I've heard endless things about since high school and now I'm actually here! On my own...ready to work....first serious job out of a completely foreign country....everyone I see speaks to me in Japanese, apparently I look Japanese, until I give them this blank look. You know I'm really, really glad my native language is English, it's the most popularly spoken language in the world so when signs are bilingual here it's in Japanese and English, so at least I stand some chance of understanding some things. Add to that some tidbits of Kanji that I convert in my head into Chinese and I'm so-so...hopefully that'll at least prevent from getting too lost.

Anyway, expect more to come, these first few weeks/months are going to be a rollercoaster XD