November 8th, 2009


Fa Lun Gong followers are stalking meeeee~

 LOL,  Some random idiot decided to message me on facebook with this message (no edits made, just copy/paste):
Arshdeep K Sarao November 6 at 10:16am Report

Hi dear friend, how are you,

we have nevr met, and prehaps we will never meet, i am writting you out of care and responsibility. i saw your reply in one post, found you little misunderstood, so want to help you rethink and make a wise decision.

please donot base your judgement on some fake propaganda done by the govenment, countless of your countrymen and the entire world cant be worng..

you are a young girl, you still have a long life to live, have wonderful dreams to cherish, reach ever new heights... please make a wise decision, choose correct path.. think once again, give you heart a chance, let your mind be open,,,, its your life, and it will change for good or worse accodring to your own decision... i just wish best for you, their are no hidden motives behind mytalks,, i only have best and good wishes for you... i have nothing to take away from you. but i do want to share a wonderful dream of your good and prosperous healthy future.

wishins you best regards.

hope you will take out few mins to read through this link:

Employee of Xinhua New Agency talks about the Self-Immolation (at Home)n-

("Set on fire in Tiananmen Square")

And then if you click on the links they're both from Fa Lungong XDDDDDDDD

Is this person actually serious?!  She tries to tell me my view of the Chinese government (which tends to be favourable when in debates) is wrong because of reasons given by the FLG??!!  So...the Chinese government uses propaganda, don't listen to them, but here, read our propaganda about how their propaganda is so horrible.  Riii~ght, ok, makes total sense to me.  Ah man, I love these guys, they're so entertaining.  

They have a club on my university's campus too, except they cal themselves the "Chinese Culture and Research Club", sounds innocent enough right?  But then if you look at their website it links to that "Shenyun" performance thing (used to be called the "New Tang Dynasty Performance" or something to that effect) that's also put on by the FLG, and so when I saw that the light bulb went off in my head.  The FLG has quite a bit of money, makes me wonder where they get it all from, because apparently members don't have membership fee (well, considering they call it a religion I guess they can't go around asking people for membership fees). They have;

- newspaper ("The Epoch Times" apparently in 9 different languages)
- magazine ("China Scope" I believe it's called)
- television network ("NTDTV", you can find them on youtube too)
- the annual gala ("Shen Yun" which they have a bazillion posters up all around the freaking city, I swear ever lamppost has a poster including all of the posts in the university buildings)

Anyone know of anything else?  They're so easy to spot, all of their stuff spew the same propaganda.  CCP sucks, so-and-so million CCP members resigned, they're evil, 60 years of Communist rule has ruined Chinese culture, CCP supports all dictatorships in the world, they starve people, harvest organs, yadda, yadda, yadda, next thing you know the CCP will be accused of giving birth to Satan or something.

Actually, about their annual gala they're quite deceptive.  I had an experience and apparently a lot of people have too.  Before, when they were calling it the New Tang Dynasty Divine Performing Arts Gala (or something like that) they didn't note on their posters their association with FLG, so because the posters looked quite attractive with dancers in traditional hanfu outfits I wanted to go watch a show.  In the end I couldn't because of timing and price, but I found out a friend had a copy of the show on DVD so I asked to borrow it. After the first act the MCs come out and says something like "our next performance is a depiction of the peaceful ways of the Fa Lun Gong practitioners and how they maintain their peace under the forceful oppressions by the Chinese Communist Government" and my eyes literally went "O__________O".  Apparently I'm one of the luckier ones, some friends actually spent $80 going to see their show only to storm out when they found out it was by FLG.